How the Real Estate Industry is Well Prepared to Welcome You During Covid-19

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 08th June, 2020

How the Real Estate Industry is Well Prepared to Welcome You During Covid-19


Prior to Covid-19 pandemic there were quite a few potential buyers in real estate. But with so much uncertainty around, job losses, pay-cuts, many of these buyers had put off their buying plans. However as we tread towards normalcy, the new normal being ‘living with Covid-19’, the pent-up demand is reviving now. Considering we need to live with Covid 19, now we have to change the way we worked and lived.

Since work across industries has resumed now, real estate industry is also gearing up to observe Covid-19 precautions so as to assure the buyers of a safe site visit. In fact there have been stark changes in the way the industry worked earlier. While real estate was more of public dealing, it is minimal interaction now. Construction sites too are very different than they were a few months ago and business-as-usual is a thing of the past till there is a cure for Covid-19.

In times like these where people are unwilling to step out of their homes unless work beckons, they need to be assured of a safe property visit. Safety is naturally a high priority now and developers who may provide this reassurance will only have buyers.

Let us see how the Construction site has ramped up safety and hygiene standards to avoid Covid-19 infections in case you are planning a site visit.

Measures taken at Construction Site:

It is important to establish procedures at construction sites to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In the era of COVID-19, minimizing the spread of the virus has become a top priority. Detailed standard operating procedures and guidelines have been provided by the Govt. Many real estate companies have already implemented and are following COVID-19 safety requirements that are mandated by the Govt. on construction sites.

Some common measures taken across the industry include the following:

  • There are soap dispensers and sanitizers at the entry and exit points of the main construction site.
  • Thermal screening is mandatory for all workers and employees.
  • The government has banned all tobacco products –– gutka, paan and tobacco –– from the work sites, the same is being enforced at the site and site-office.
  • PPEs to be provided to workers as per job requirements.
  • All labourers would be provided face masks and gloves.
  • Those responsible for sanitation and cleaning of the areas would be given coveralls.
  • There is a person in-charge for all the health, sanitization and hygiene measures deployed.
  • At the construction site, sharing of equipment is sanitized to avoid contact.

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 Measures Taken at Site-Office

Let us look at the various Covid-19 precautions and measures the Project Site-Offices are undertaking

  • Wearing Face Mask is mandatory
  • Social Distancing

The real estate industry cannot implement Work from Home Option for all. But many developers are calling their support/marketing staff on rotational basis to observe social distancing norms. Developers are establishing protocols for virtual meetings, as opposed to in-person meetings, even permitting people to stagger break time to reduce density in break rooms. When people enquire about site-visit, they are provided time slots so that at any given time there is no crowd gathering.

  • Enhanced Cleaning Procedures

Developers are devising & implementing enhanced cleaning procedures involving sanitization of surfaces on shared equipment and common areas. The office is sanitized frequently using recommended disinfectants.

 Covid 19 Measures Undertaken By Real Estate Developers

Apart from physical measures undertaken by real estate developers, they are also keeping social media pages and blogs up to date with the latest information on ongoing projects and how real estate is coping with Covid-19 norms.

In such grim times it is crucial to inform the customers how well Covid-19 norms are being followed to ensure their safety. The websites of real estate developers’ guide the potential customers how then may plan a site-visit, how selling and booking processes have changed and how they need to take appointments and visit construction site following social distancing.

When safety is primary, transparency and trust are two crucial factors that will rope in the buyers.


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Let us also see the Dos & Don’ts during site visit that we must follow.


  • Face Masks: Wear you face mask at all times when inside the project site. It should be considered as part of the first line of safety measures for employees/visitors on the construction site.
  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings: This may go without saying but you need to be aware of your surroundings when inside a construction site.
  • Practice Social Distancing, Sanitize your hands immediately after touching something
  • Carry your own water
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds the moment you are back home


  • Be very sure that site-visit is necessary. Try to explore online options to check out a project. Visit only when you have to make a decision and to have a real look and feel of the apartment.
  • Avoid touching surfaces during visit
  • Do not touch your face
  • Try not to use toilets

Before visiting a project site, have a look at the safety measures taken by the developer on their website as per Covid-19 norms and ensure you have taken an appointment (to avoid crowd). While travel outside home should be restricted however taking due precautions we can safely visit construction sites. Buy safe!