Handy & useful traits of a reputed builder

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  • 27th April, 2019

Traits of a Reputed Builder

Handy & useful traits of a reputed builder

Home is where heart is! But while choosing a dream home should not be just an affair of the heart but the process of the brain as well. Lots of factors go into making that perfect choice. Builder is the most prominent of those. Here are some handy and useful traits of a reputed builder which are crucial in making your home buying experience a success.


It is one of the most important traits of a reputed builder. If the builder is accountable for his actions, transparent in his dealings, straightforward in his communications, he is the one for you. The number of sold homes and satisfied customers speaks volumes about his trustworthiness.

Experience & Quality

For how many years is the builder around? For what does his brand stand for? Which core values make his work culture? Does he have any legacy? Find out the answers for these questions and you will find the traits of a reputed builder. Quality Construction and No Compromise approach are two strengths of a good builder.

Range and variety of creations

Go through the range of the builder’s project portfolio. Look at his range- affordable, luxurious, ultra-premium, townships, commercial and so on. Find out what amenities he has offered and what kind of community life he has created, on which locations and how innovatively. Exclusivity is one the rare traits of a reputed builder.

Choose a trusted builder for buying your dream home. Namrata Group has all the traits of a reputed builder. Namrata projects are high quality, value for money projects with attractive lifestyle and happy community life. They stand as landmarks on well-connected locations. Happycity, Aikonic and ecocity 2.0 at Talegaon, 32 Pinewood Drive and Unnati at Hinjewadi, Life 360 at Rahatani, 43 Privet Drive at Baner Balewadi are some of our prestigious creations. Come, have a look.

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