Trek to Devkund Waterfall Near Pune this monsoon season

  • Posted by: Sahir
  • 29th June, 2022

Monsoon season is the time to explore waterfalls and lush green hills. Pune spoils you for choice if you are looking at some good trekking options. The Devkund Waterfall trek is located near Bhira Dam in Pune, Maharashtra, India. The Devkund trek is a dream destination for travellers looking for a mix of a moderate hike that leaves you spellbound at the first sight. The clearest blue waters make the beauty of the waterfall unrealistic.

Devkund Waterfall Trek Pune is situated in the lush green environs of the Sahyadri range. Devkund Waterfall Trek is perfect for corporates who are looking for an easy trek with a resort stay. Bhira Dam is the starting point; the Kundailaka River is famous for Kolad River Rafting and Kolad Bungee jumping. There are many beautiful Devkund camping sites and resorts on the river.


Devkund waterfall trek pune


Pune to Devkund waterfall distance is about 120 km. It takes around four hours to reach the Devkund Bhira Waterfall Parking from Pune. This waterfall trek is accessible by trek only if there is adequate rainfall.

Location of Devkund waterfall trek

A short 2 hours trek from Bhira leads to Devkund waterfall. This trek can be done by amateurs as well.

The approximate length of the trek is 4.5 km which includes a hike alongside the Bhira dam, patches of forest cover, a small water stream, and open fields. There is no big ascend throughout the trek.

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Details of Devkund Waterfall Trek

  • The Devkund Waterfall starting point height is 72 feet above sea level. And highest point of the route is 535 feet.
  • The Devkund Waterfall Height is 800 feet above sea level approximately
  • Devkund waterfall depth is 60 feet at the deepest end.
  • Generally, the time to trek is 2.5 hours
  • The best time for Devkund Waterfall Trek is from June to January


Devkund waterfall trek pune


Major Attractions

  • A beautiful trek in the evergreen forest in Tamhini Ghat.
  • Beautiful views of Bhira dam backwaters
  • Kundalika valley views
  • Crossing the streams and enjoying a natural bath
  • Day watersports packages are available at Kolad, including river rafting, boating, kayaking, swimming, and speed boat rides.
  • It is open after the rainy season, ideal for campers and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • There are many fantastic treks in the nearby mountains from Plus valley trek, Khajina waterfall trek, Andharban Jungle trek, and Garudmachi trek.
  • Devkund is ideal for bird watching and spotting wildlife if you start your trek very early -in the morning.
  • If you wish to introduce the countryside to your kids, the Devkund Bhira region is perfect; you can experience country life and fantastic food with many inviting homestays.
  • If you like to explore Forts, there are many range treks available here, from Korigad to Sudhagad, Sarasgad to Sudhagad, and more. Few famous treks are available nearby within 50 kilometers.


Devkund waterfall trek pune


The following tourist hotspots lie close by; if you plan to extend your stay, you may also visit these places: Hindi Plateau, Tata Power Dam at Patnus Bhira, Andharban Jungle Trek, Kolad River Rafting, Khajina Waterfall, Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls, Sarasgad Fort, Sudhagad Fort, Pali Ganpati Mandir, Mrugagad trek, Unhere Kund Pali or Hot springs Pali, Secret Waterfall Trek.

Some other famous waterfalls around Pune include the Bhira waterfall which is home to dense forests and hidden treasures in its waterfall scenery. Many other equally enticing treks you may choose from include the rainforests at Kataldhar, Lonavala or Kalu Waterfall, Malshej ghat, or Randha Waterfall, and Bhandardara overlooks Rajur.

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Devkund waterfall trek pune


What you must carry for the trek: Essential Items

  • You must have some ready-to-eat food like- plum cakes, fruits, chocolates, biscuits, etc., carry at least 2 liters of water
  • Wear good trekking shoes and carry extra pair of clothes, socks, and a camera (optional). 1 packet of electrol, enerzal, and glucon-D to keep the energy levels high
  • You must carry your medications if required
  • Avoid wearing precious ornaments
  • And a haversack or backpack to carry all your stuff, so hands are free to help each other while trekking.

Devkund waterfall trek distance is manageable for amateur trekkers too. It is one place you can visit to test your trekking skills and rejuvenate yourself this rainy season.