The Best Places to Visit in and around Kamshet

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  • 06th June, 2018


If you are looking for a weekend getaway and explore some new areas around Pune, head over to Kamshet. Along with natural beauty, adventure and activities await you. Located near Talegaon, Kamshet is just a drive away from the rush of the city and perfect for everyone who wants to relax in the lap of nature. Here are some of the best places you can visit once you are in Kamshet.

Pawana Lake

Pawna lake is situated about 20 kilometers from Lonavala Railway Station and is frequented by tourists a lot. If you do visit, you will be in awe of the sheer size of the lake and its surroundings. The view will seem like you are watching a painting, it is that beautiful. The climate is pleasant all around the year so you can visit any time you want.

Tower Hill

This spot is famous for paragliding as it is located at a height and apart from that, you can also hike up to this spot and carry some picnic stuff with you in order to have an adventurous yet laid back day. The views are breathtaking and totally worth the hike! You would not want to leave, trust us.


This is also a paragliding sight in Kamshet. If you like the adventure of it, paragliding here will become one of the best experiences of your life. Stunning views and adrenaline rush make an amazing combination, that too just a short drive away from your home! It cannot get better than this!

Kondeshwar Temple

Ancient temples are often beautiful, especially the Kondeshwar temple. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is situated in the Pohara hilly forest range and is surrounded by the lush trees of the Verdant forest. If you are interested in architecture, you will notice that this temple is made in the Hemadpanthi style of architecture.

Bedsa Caves

These caves, two in number, date back to 60 BC and are one of the oldest caves of Maharashtra. It is quite a climb but totally worth it because that way, you get to see the beautiful carvings!

Bhairi Caves

If you love a little mystery and spookiness along with adventure, these caves are perfect for you! Following age old traditions, this is a cave where animal sacrifices still take place. These caves are perfect if you want to trek as well.

Bhandar Dongar

Certain places have their own charm and appeal, Bhandar Dongar is one such place. It has an old temple in the lap of nature, dedicated to Saint Tukaram and if you are lucky, you can even enjoy devotional songs here when you visit.


There are a million perks of living around vacation spots. Not only you have the perfect place to get away to on a weekend but it also means that you get your dose of adventure by just traveling a very short distance. Kamshet is a beautiful location situated not too far away from Pune.

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