Benefits of buying ready possession flats in Pune

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  • 22nd April, 2019

Benefits of buying ready possession flats In Pune

Every home buyer is faced with a choice between ready possession and under construction flat. It is a critical decision and needs to be tackled properly. Though it requires availability of lump sum funds, buying ready possession flats has its own set of benefits.

Smooth process, immediate possession

For under construction homes, buyers have to wait to get their dream home in hand. This creates a feeling of uncertainty and the fear that the money may get stuck if the builder faces any problem. With ready possession flats the process is smoother- complete required paperwork, pay the amount, get the possession and move in whenever you want. There is no fear of delayed possession.

Immediate returns on investment

If you do not want to move in and have bought it as an investment, you can rent it at your earliest. Ready possession flats are highly in demand by families, young professionals and students. So your rental income starts. IT is a great help if you are paying the EMIs of the loan.

Opportunity to check the quality

Buying ready possession flats gives you the benefit of seeing the completed project. You can check the construction quality, space allocation, specification used, amenities and other detailing before making the decision. Since everything is ready, there is no issue of deception on promised or guaranteed features, layout or amenities.

The Price Factor

Ready possession flats are a boon, since you can shift and save on rent. Also the builder may negotiate the price and may not add the floor rise. Thus you get a much better deal.

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