Dry Balcony – 5 Creative Ways to Reinvent and Give it a New Look

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 15th September, 2020

A balcony is not just a space offering relief from the otherwise monotonous & boring enclosed walls of a flat or apartment, in reality it is the most ideal getaway to the outdoors while maintaining privacy of indoors itself. Most flats provide a balcony in front of the kitchen called the washing area or the balcony for washing utensils and clothes. In Pune it is called ‘dry balcony’.

Apart from using the space to place the cloth drying stand, a balcony can be converted to a comfortable relaxing zone to your liking. Also, if utilized properly a balcony comes handy in extending your living space and thus solving the space crunch issues. Many a times people also like to cover it with glass to keep away dust and rain from spoiling washed utensils and clothes. The glass balcony is the perfect space for a laundry area. You can also add storage to keep detergents, brushes or anything else you might need at your fingertips.

No matter how tiny it is every balcony has plenty of design potential. Let us explore some creative ways for dry balcony uses.

1. Comfortable Lounging Zone

Balconies of high-rise buildings open out to breath-taking views of the locality. And when surrounded by lush greenery or nestled between mountains, your balcony makes an excellent choice for a vantage point to relish in the beauty of the nature.

So when it’s not laundry time, the balcony can be easily rearranged to create a cozy corner. You can enjoy your breakfast, soak up the sun or watch the sunset here. Add some comfortable bay window seats with plush cushions or a lounging chair and you have a tempting lounging zone with a view to unwind after a long day.

If you’re short on space, try installing furniture that can be tucked or folded away when not in use. This folding table disappears to free up floor space. You can also maximize your square footage with built-in bench seating.

You can create a setting for a cosy reading corner in the house away from the commotions of the blaring TV and chitter-chatter. Put out a bean bag or a small leather couch or even a cosy blanket with some cushions in the balcony, add a small coffee table, shut the door, sit back and dive into the world of stories.

2. Develop your green space or your small herb garden

If you plan to take up gardening you don’t need a large backyard for that. The balcony is perfect for giving your plants a spot in the sun. Get some pots and gardening accessories and keep them on a trolley for easy movement. With foldable tables or trolleys, you can quickly make space for your home garden after your coffee time is over. Also, the rails on the ceiling are perfect for keeping your rugs and runners safe from dirt. There are options for vertical gardens too. From potted plants to mounted planters to creepers and climbers, you can bring in greenery in many different ways in a balcony. Add some handy herbs to the mix and it becomes your go-to garden for fresh herbs also.


3. Wall Mounted Units

If balcony space not enough to keep a drying rack or to efficiently use the space you may get the wall-mounted hanging carousels for your laundry. Choose the ones with retractable arms to save more space. You can even bring them inside and store them away once done.

4. Put to use the ceiling

The ceiling can increase the efficiency of your balcony space. You can fix rails and hooks on it to hang your clothes to dry. You can hang curtains to distinguish between the laundry and relaxation areas to section the spaces.

5. Exercise area

Depending on the area you have you can convert your balcony into a small exercise area too. You can keep a treadmill or do yoga with the morning sun.

A balcony is the ultimate amenity for apartment dwellers. You now have a ready-reckoner for a creative balcony space makeover. All the best!