This New Year, Turn Your Dream Into A Reality – Buy Your Own House With Us!

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 10th January, 2020

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This New Year, Turn Your Dream Into A Reality – Buy Your Own House With Us!

If you buy your own house, then unleash your dreams. Be confident and take a step closer to be a homeowner this year. Affording a home is no longer a massive task in modern times. You need to figure out your feasibility and budget and the rest of the work you can leave on us. We will help you guide through all the steps by providing the opportunity to make the best choice.

Decide your Dream House

When the time comes to turn your dream into reality, invest in the house, keeping a few factors in mind. How many rooms are required, depending on the number of people who will live in it? Is it going to be an apartment, flat, or bungalow? Do a proper research check out pictures and home listings online.

Buy your own house


Track your finances

The most significant financial decision of our lives is buying a house. Investing in real estate is one of the best options where the returns are assured. The first step before investing in a home is to prepare financially. It is essential to track your spending to understand where and how you spend your money and where all you can save up on unnecessary wastage.

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Plan your Budget

Once you cut down on your expenses, the next step is to figure out the mortgage. Researching and comparing the home loans available in the market, so that the financial crunch is not faced in the later stage. Calculate the EMI you need to pay back each month and see if you need a pay rise in your salary or another job. Do not take a risk here.


Buy your own house

Check the location, size, and price

For this, you need to see the accessibility of the location to make your daily commuting to the office complicated or easy. It is essential to check if the neighborhood is shady or pleasant.

The size of the new home needs to be good enough keeping the future in mind.

Finally, check the price, whether it fits your budget or not. Do compare the costs from nearby locations. Sometimes a good and favorable deal meets beyond your expectations.

Look for Real Estate

It is essential to approach for reliable real estate agents as chances of getting cheated in fraudulent cases lessens. The estate agents help in smooth processing, and the information regarding the builders can be googled online.

Buy your own house

Fix a deadline

Fixing a deadline is a crucial factor as all your future financial planning weaves around it. If the building is under construction, the booking of the flat and down payment should be made, keeping the time frame in mind.

Do a prior inspection before moving into the house. Get a home warranty in case if something goes wrong, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to replace it.

Talegaon, Rahatani, Kamshet, Hinjewadi, Wakad are few of the prime locations in Pune where the demand for residential houses has increased in the last decade. Budget-friendly houses, flats, and apartments in upcoming residential areas cater for all necessary amenities along with a clean and green environment.