Why the young generation is investing in homes in Talegaon
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  • 10th December, 2018

investing in homes in Talegaon

Why the young generation is investing in homes in Talegaon

The demand for residential projects in Talegaon by the young generation is growing steadily. This is hardly a surprise since life in Talegaon has many advantages which more and more people are realising.


Talegaon is located between two major cities – Pune and Mumbai. It is just 120 kms from Mumbai and 35 kms from Pune. It is only a half hour drive from Pune’s IT hub, Hinjewadi. Thus, for people working in Pune, Talegaon is a very convenient location. The daily commute is very easy since Talegaon is well connected via well maintained and scenic roads.

Affordable Housing

The residential projects in talegaon offer much more reasonable houses as compared to the city. This, coupled with the close proximity to Pune, makes Talegaon an attractive choice for settling. Thus, many young people prefer to buy houses here and travel daily. In Talegaon, they can easily get a spacious apartment in a moderate budget.


One of the major reasons for the growth of residential projects in Talegaon is its climate. The climate of Talegaon is famous for curing respiratory disorders such as TB and asthma. Talegaon has pleasant climate throughout the year and the air is fresh and pollution free. It is also surrounded by nature. Living in Talegaon automatically adds years to life since the entire environment os clean and healthy.


Talegaon has grown very quickly from a small village to a big town. The industrial sector on its outskirts boast of many MNCs such as JCB, Volkswagen, etc. The influx of these companies have created several good job opportunities which is attracting more people to make their future here. The infrastructure too is excellent and all the daily necessities such as good schools, colleges, hospitals, stores, theatres, etc are present.

Life in Talegaon is relaxed and calm. At the same time, you get to enjoy all the city perks as well. This quality of Talegaon is being recognised and hence, many young people are now investing on homes in Talegaon when looking for a house.


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