Turn your bedroom into the coziest place on this planet
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  • 23rd June, 2018

Coziest Bedroom

How comforting is it to relax in your bed and sleep after along tiring day! The feeling is priceless, we say. The bedroom should be the most coziest, comfortable and relaxed room and here we are to tell you how you can turn your bedroom into the coziest place on this planet.

Bring in a fluffy comforter

Nothing can comfort you more than covering yourself in a fluffy comforter. Be it the chilling weather or the chill you feel after switching on the AC, this comforter will keep you cozy and also make your make your bedroom look the coziest. Make sure you choose a comforter that matches the bed sheets and curtains of your room to give it all a coordinated look. Don’t just delay it, buy one now and think how wonderful would it be to tuck into your bed with this fluffy comforter wrapped around you?

Add more pillows and cushions

Pile up your bed with pillows and cushions and make your bed look and feel cozy. Going by the rule, there should be 2 pillows on each side, but you can add more cushions of various shapes and sizes to create a distinctive look for the bedroom. Make sure you save a little space for yourself and not load it with these super comfy things.

Add drapes to the windows and doors

Dress up your windows and doors in a dramatic manner. Look for rich fabrics like silk, jacquard or satin and make your room look elegant and cozy at the same time. If the bedroom is too lighted and you find it difficult to sleep, invest in black-out curtains that serve the right purpose of blocking out light from the windows.

Add a nice lamp to your décor

While you buy furnishings for the bedroom to make it look cozy, don’t forget the small addition of a table lamp by the bedside. So when you are in a mood to read  all tucked into your bed, or just watch a movie on the laptop, you don’t have to get up to switch off that light. Not only will it make reading and watching your favorite movie an easy task, it will also glam up your bedroom.

Adding rugs

Cover your floors with a soft, cushiony rug and look how cozy this place turns into! As soon as you get up from the bed, your feet will have the touch of a silky soft rug and this will be such a great start to the morning! An undisputed winner in making the bedroom look and feel cozy ,we say!

Now that you know how to turn your bedroom into the coziest place on this planet, delay no more. Just make the additions and get set to enjoy the monsoons in the best possible way!

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