These are the Best home options in Talegaon
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  • 18th December, 2018

home options in Talegaon

These are the Best home options in Talegaon

homes in Talegaon are attracting a lot of attention. The reason behind this popularity is fair as Talegaon is well on its way to become a satellite city. Talegaon has seen a boom in the development of the real estate sector over the last few years. The reason behind this are some of the home options in Talegaon. Take a look:

Flats in Talegaon


Based on the idea of how one can get everything without compromising, Happynest is here to change the way affordable homes are seen. Built with extreme precision, these homes are well crafted and thought out for just you. Paired with world class amenities, homes here will give you everything you are looking for – comfort, safety, planning, location benefits, etc. Here, there will be no compromise at all.


Known as the icon of Talegaon, this project is perfect for people who like to live at the centre of things. Located close to the railway station and in the central area, Aikonic is one project that stands apart from other residential projects in Talegaon. This means that if you invest in homes or commercial spaces here, you will have access to everything – schools, colleges, hospitals, restaurants etc. Investing in Aikonic will be a good decision for you and your family!

Eco City 2.0

Eco city 2.0 is built on the legacy of Eco City by Namrata Group. Coming from a brand that is known for such remarkable projects and homes, Eco City 2.0 will win you over. Investing in homes and commercial places here becomes even more special as the location is surrounded by lush green trees, mountains and fresh air. Apart from that, there are various tourist destinations around these residential projects in Talegaon, making it a special location for families and couples.

These are some of the best home options in Talegaon that will surely win you over!


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