The Rising Popularity of Talegaon
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  • 19th November, 2018

rising popularity of talegaon

Rising popularity of Talegaon

There is a rising popularity of Talegaon when it comes to real estate investment. Talegaon has become a famous place for people in Pune and Mumbai to invest in. Various residential projects as well as commercial places are coming up in Talegaon. This real estate boom has attracted various MNCs and educational institutes to Talegaon. The popularity is rising and here is why:

 Educational Scene

 Talegaon is located just a short drive away from Mumbai as well as Pune. Offering a safe distance from the hustle of big cities, schools and colleges in Talegaon are changing the upcoming town entirely. Various reputed schools and colleges have picked Talegaon as their home. This makes it easier for working individuals to balance work and personal life. This is one of the reasons for rising popularity of Talegaon. 

 Work Opportunities

 As the real estate scenario in Talegaon is growing, so are the job opportunities. Every day, thousands of people move to Pune and they are all looking for work as well as a place to call home. Talegaon offers the best work-life balance as various Multinational Companies have established offices in Talegaon. This increases work opportunities as well as the reason for the rising popularity of Talegaon. 

 Nature’s Child 

If you are someone who likes to live amidst nature, Talegaon is perfect for you. Located in the western ghats, Talegaon is surrounded by lush green trees and the air is known to cure various health issues. If you decide to invest in Talegaon, the mountains and the forests await you. It is also a good investment for someone who wants to invest in a weekend home.


Talegaon is located close to various tourist destinations. Places like Kamshet offer paragliding and other activities. This means that living close to such adventure spots is perfect for the thrill seekers. These homes in Talegaon are also perfect for families as well as young couples who would enjoy small outings and scenic drives.

 These are some of the many things that make this place popular and the popularity is definitely increasing.

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