Tathawade’s new favourite is – 7 Plumeria Drive.
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  • 20th November, 2018

Tathawade Pune

Tathawade’s new favourite is – 7 Plumeria Drive.

Tathawade Pune has seen a lot of development in the last few years. Of all the locations in Pune, this one is rapidly becoming popular when it comes to investing in luxury homes. These luxury homes have a name and that is 7 Plumeria Drive. Here is why it is a new favourite:

Amenities at 7 plumeria Drive

7 Plumeria Drive

Tathawade Pune is one location that is perfect for investment when it comes to real estate. The area has seen a lot of development and people have taken interest in Tathawade Pune because of the increasing real estate development. Tathawade Pune is home to 7 Plumeria Drive, a project that has so much to offer. Built on the idea of giving one a luxury lifestyle along with comfort and a better lifestyle, 7 Plumeria Drive has homes that will change how you live.

Location Benefit

On has to consider the location in which they want to invest in and this means that considering things like transport, accessibility and various other factors. Tathawade has a benefit over other locations as the area is very well connected, making it accessible by all forms of public transport. Apart from that, the area is located in a way that there are various schools, colleges, hospitals as well as recreational areas in and around it. This way, if you decide to invest here, you will have to never worry about safety or access to any of these things.

Luxury Homes

When one is investing in a home, it is important that one buys homes that are perfect for them and their families. This is the reason why 7 Plumeria Drive offers homes that are constructed for just you. Comfort, luxury and thought are all the guiding factors here. If you visit the project, you will see how it has various amenities that set it apart from other projects like the clubhouse, play areas, etc. These homes are built to give you a different lifestyle entirely.

If you are looking for a home that feels like your own, head over to 7 Plumeria Drive right away, you won’t be disappointed!

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