Talegaon Dabhade – Life in Nature
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  • 27th December, 2018

Life in Nature

Talegaon Dabhade – Life in Nature

Talegaon offers life in nature. Talegaon is a flourishing town near Pune that is known for its natural beauty and amazing climate.


Talegaon is at the highest altitude between Pune and Mumbai. It is located 2200 feet above sea level which is higher than the altitude of the famous Lonavala as well. This location leads to a pleasant climate throughout the year. Moreover, it has several lakes as well. This is the reason for its name since Talegaon literally translates to ‘Lake Town’. It has lakes such as Pawna Lake, Talegaon Lake, etc. It truly is a haven for nature lovers.

Fresh Air

Due to the ample greenery and great location Talegaon has fresh and pure air. The environment is pleasant and pollution-free. Hence, it is no surprise that living in Talegaon means living in natue and it is prescribed by doctors to TB patients.

Trekker’s Paradise

Talegaon is surrounded by several small hills and tekdis. It is a haven for people who love to trek. There are many treks organised here and it is possible to do the simple treks on your own as well. There are interesting treks like firefly trek of Rajmachi as well as river rafting which is close-by at Kundalika river. There are also places such as Chakan Fort, Induri Fort, Bhandara Dongar, Sinhgad, Lohagad, etc that offer spectacular panoramic views from the top.  The climb itself is breathtaking as well.


The minute you reach near Talegaon, you notice the increase in the greenery and foliage. Talegaon itself is filled with tall trees and lush greenery. Living in Talegaon means living in Nature. The climate and its altitude have made this possible. Thus, life in Talegaon is truly blessed since you wake up daily to the sound of leaves rustling, fresh air, beautiful view and soft breeze.

Talegaon is a nature’s paradise and a house in Talegaon means living a healthy life in clean fresh air surrounded by trees.

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