Reason why everyone is moving to Talegaon.
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  • 31st October, 2018

moving to Talegaon

Reason why everyone is moving to Talegaon

Initially known as a pensioner’s paradise, Talegaon is now becoming a favourite for young people looking for a good place to settle and are moving to Talegaon.

Excellent Education

One of the major reasons for people are moving to Talegaon is the presence of reputed schools and colleges. Pune is known as the Oxford of the East since it has many institutes that cater to a wide variety of fields. Talegaon too has a number of English medium schools and colleges that offer degrees in medicine, engineering, pharmaceuticals and many more.

Well Paid Job Opportunities

Talegaon is generating amazing job opportunities. The Industrial area and IT area are the main reasons for this. Together, they boast of big names such as JCB, General Motors, Volkswagen, Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant and many more. With such brands setting up their companies here, many people are migrating to be a part of them. The IT and the Industrial area are expanding even further which is attracting more companies. This in turn results in more people moving to Talegaon.

Low Real Estate Cost

Compared to Mumbai, Talegaon has quite low real estate cost. It is much easier to buy a house here. Besides, the houses here are much more spacious as compared to their neighbour. Thus you get a much bigger house within your budget. People are recognising this and thus, prefer to settle here since they can find their dream home much faster here.

Good Work Life Balance

Talegaon offers what all of us crave – an amazing work life balance. In this city, you can find good work and earn well without spending all your waking hours in office. Life in Talegaon is relaxed, the commute time is quite less and there are many options to enjoy a good lifestyle here. People who wish to live in a bustling city but still crave peace are discovering that Talegaon offers the perfect concoction!

Talegaon has various points in their favour that is attracting people to migrate. If you wish to have a happy, wholesome life, then you should definitely consider moving to Talegaon.


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