Pune has better affordable homes as Compared to Mumbai
  • Posted by: Prachi Shah
  • 20th November, 2018

Pune has better affordable homes

Pune has better affordable homes as Compared to Mumbai

Pune was always more affordable than Mumbai, but its development in the past decade has now made it an attractive option for people looking to settle in a thriving city.

Reasonable Rates

Flats in Pune are much more reasonable as compared to Mumbai. Thus, a person can buy a much bigger apartment, or an apartment in a prime location on a decent budget in Pune. In Mumbai, it is very difficult to become a homeowner and people usually achieve this milestone after many years.

Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment in City Centre 475,744.37 Rs 127,245.59 Rs      -73.25 %
Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre 165,423.66 Rs 60,045.04 Rs      -63.70 %

(source – numbeo.com)

Availability of Well Paid Jobs

Pune has emerged as one of the IT hubs of India. Hinjewadi in Pune is home to Rajiv Gandhi It Park which is the largest in India. There are several IT giants present in Pune such as Tata, Tech mahindra, Infosys, Wipro and many more. It is attracting more MNCs as well. Thus, there is an availability of several well paid job opportunities. Thus, one can earn well and easily buy a house in a few years. This is because the salaries here are almost the same as that of Mumbai but the cost of buying a house is much lesser.

Short Commute

In Mumbai, of you live too far from your workplace, then it is a very stressful life due to the long arduous hours spent on commute. But, finding a flat in Mumbai that is near to your workplace is extremely difficult. In Pune, this is not an issue. Even if you can’t find apartment that are near your workplace, the commute time in the city is very short. Thus, due to any constraints that you are unable to find a home nearby, you can travel struggle-free and quickly to your office daily. Hence, your choices open up greatly when you are looking for flats in Pune.

Great Projects

Pune has projects ranging from economical to luxurious. You can take your pick from a wide variety of beautifully designed homes according to your priorities and preferences. Some amazing projects in Pune are 32 Pinewood Drive, Unnati, 7 Plumeria Drive and Life 360 Degree.

Buying flats in Pune is hence much more feasible than Mumbai. Pune even offers the possibility of owning a second home later in life, which is an elusive dream for most of the people in Mumbai. Thus, if you wish are looking to settle, Pune is surely a wise choice.

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