Pocket Friendly Flats in Pune are in the Spotlight. Here’s why.
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  • 12th October, 2018

Affordable Flats in Pune

Affordable Flats in Pune are in the Spotlight. Here’s why.

There has been a great demand for affordable flats in Pune in the recent years. It’s no wonder since Pune has seen enormous development and is now flocked by people looking to make their future. This has led to a rise in Pune’s real estate and looking at its growth, it will surely continue to do so.


Initially Pune was considered as a city for retirement. But in the recent year, Pune has seen a lot of migration from the young generation as well. It is no surprise since Pune has seen massive development on all fronts – financial, infrastructure, education, and many more. As a result, there is a steadily growing demand for affordable flats in Pune.

Comparatively Low real Estate Cost

Compared to its neighbor Mumbai, Pune offers pretty reasonable prices for real estate. It is easier to buy a good spacious house here within a small budget which is impossible to find in Mumbai today. Hence, the demand for affordable flats in Pune has gone up since many people prefer moving here. It is also preferred by people who are living in Mumbai and want to invest in a second home. Buying another home in Mumbai is difficult, so people opt for affordable flats in Pune. 

Quality of life

Pune offers a very good work-life balance. It has excellent climate, gardens and parks. Pune has several things to offer to people of varied interests. You can enjoy the city life to the fullest with its several restaurants, clubs, malls etc. At the same time, you can explore nature since Pune and its outskirts are surrounded with natural beauty. Life in Pune is filled with fun and peace. More and more people are recognizing this rare quality about this city and are moving here.

 Emerging IT Sector

The rise in well-paid employment opportunities is another major reason for the influx of people settling in Pune. One of the main reasons for this increase in opportunities is the fast growing IT sector of Pune. It boasts of IT bigwigs such as Infosys, Cognisant, Wipro, TCS and many more.

This too has added to the demand for houses which has attracted several people to invest in Pune’s real estate.

Developing Suburbs

Affordable flats in Pune have increased tremendously due to the rapid development of its suburbs. Places like Baner, Balewadi, Tathawade, Hinjewadi, Rahatni, Talegaon, etc are flourishing and have pushed the boundaries of this city. There is a good demand for housing projects here which are being met by several wonderful residential projects.

If you are considering investing in property, then you must consider Pune.

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