Organisational hacks for a messy home
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  • 26th January, 2019


Organisational hacks for a messy home

Homes have a tendency to turn into a mess every time someone decides to visit us. If you are someone who has a messy home, you can make it all go away with some simple organisational hacks. It never hurts to be better organised and if you follow these hacks, you will have a home that is not messy at all. Take a look:


  1. Love baking? Now take an empty mason jar to store your paper cupcake moulds.


  1. Use the inside of a kitchen cabinet to store lids and chopping boards by simply putting a towel rod there.


  1. If you have a lot of scarves, make sure you use a hanger to line them up. Simply fold the scarf vertically to create a hoop and tie a knot around the hanger.


  1. Use a medicine box to store and organise your earrings. Not only will you stop losing them but you will find them quickly when you actually need them.


  1. Use a jute basket to store your everyday essentials for every single room – especially for kitchen and bathroom.


  1. Use cardboard boxes inside of unsectioned drawers to store your stuff. This way, you can even adjust the sections depending on the size of your things.


  1. If you are on the creative side, put up a chalkboard in your kitchen to write down tasks for the day or notes for the family.


Use these hacks to have a home that is extremely well organised!

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