Investing in a House in Tathwade, Pune? Here is the Best option
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  • 26th October, 2018

Investing in a House? Tathawade Pune has got your back!

Tathawade Pune is a promising location in terms of real estate development. If you are someone who is looking for a flat in Pune, make sure you don’t miss out on Tathawade Pune. It can become confusing for one to choose a particular project and location to invest in. However, we have made it easier for you. All you have to do is visit this project in Tathawade Pune and you will surely find a place that has your back. Here’s how:

Tathawade Pune as a Location

When buying a flat in Pune, one has to be very sure as to which location they prefer. There are various upcoming locations around Pune but nothing beats Tathawade. In order to be able to manage work and life together, you need to be able to have easy access to every single thing you require. At Tathawade, this is possible. Located in close proximity to schools, colleges and hospitals, there is very little you will have to worry about here. Apart from that, there are various restaurants, cafes and other recreational places around it.

Tathawade Pune and Connectivity

The reason why Tathawade Pune is special is because it is well connected. It is important that the location where you purchase a home is connected to other parts of the town. The connection is via transport. At Tathawade Pune. you will find public transport very easily. This means that getting somewhere or getting home is never a hassle. Apart from that, if you need anything in this location, you are always centrally located so everything is available.

7 Plumeria Drive

Out of the many reasons why you should move to Tathawade, the biggest one is 7 Plumeria Drive. Built as the epitome of style, luxury and comfort, 7 Plumeria Drive gives you a life that is bigger than your dreams. Based on the concept that every person deserves a luxurious lifestyle, 7 Plumeria Drive has homes that take care of you. Amenities that come with it are ample, including a club house, which will make it a tough task for you to get out of the house as you will be having much more fun being inside!

These are some of the reasons why Tathawade Pune is a location that has your back if you are looking for a place to invest in.

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