Explore the Talegaon highway
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  • 01st August, 2018

Talegaon Highway

Talegaon Highway is a scenic highway that one should not miss driving on.

If you are someone who loves travelling or even just driving around, this is the perfect route to explore. If you like nature and some adventure, this is the best place for you to be in. Here is why you need to explore the Talegaon highway and now:

Located in the Centre

It is a highway that connects Pune to various tourist places. This highway leads to Lonavala, Khandala and various other tourist destinations. If you are the one who likes the road more than the destination, try taking along all your picnic essentials because this road is perfect for a picnic!

Adventures on Talegaon highway

If you are an adventure lover, you need not go far from Pune to experience it. On this highway, you will get to find spots that are perfect for a hike with your friends or family. There are places like Kamshet and Lohgadh Fort that are also famous for tourists who like adventure. Kamshet offers paragliding as a sport and is one experience you should never miss if you love adventure.

Weekend Getaway

If you are looking for a break, a weekend getaway is the answer to all the stress of a working week. Drive on the Talegaon highway on to destinations like Tamhini Ghat and Lonavala to spend the weekend in nature with family and friends.

Explore the Real Estate

It is never a bad idea to keep yourself up to date with everything that is happening around and in your city. Talegaon highway is one such place. If you drive on this road, you will notice that real estate has made Talegaon it’s home. Explore the projects that are coming up in Talegaon so that you stay in on everything that is happening!

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