8 DIYs for a prettier home
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  • 30th November, 2018

8 DIYs for a prettier home

When you finally have a home, it is natural to want to make that space your own. When you are decorating your new home, you will realise that there are certain things that one can easily make at home. These DIY things are easy, cost effective and you will have a lot of fun making them! Here are some cool do-it-yourself projects for your home:


  1. Make your own bulletin board with just three things! Take a thermocol sheet, cut it in a size that you require. Now take a piece of cloth that is bigger than the sheet. Using a fabric glue or a two way tape, stick the fabric on the thermocol sheet. Your bulletin board is ready!


  1. Take a packet of crayons and stick them on a canvas. Now, using a hair dryer, melt these crayons. Once you have the desired level of colour on the canvas, you can stop. This way, you get your own handmade painting to hang on the walls of your new home!


  1. If you have some old, used tires, take some rope and a hot glue gun. Now, stick the rope in a circular motion over the tyre till the entire tyre is covered in rope. These make for a rustic outdoor seating or even as a garden accessory!


  1. This one is very simple. You will need some white glue, a yarn string and some balloons. Add some water to the white glue and mix well. Now, coat the yarn in this mixture. Blow the balloon and slowly, start wrapping the yarn around it. One it is one, let it dry. When this is done, put a pin and burst the balloon, you will have a round yarn ball of sorts which can be used as a lamp or just as decor.


  1. Take some glass jars and wrap rubber bands around them. After this, spray paint them with a colour of your choice. Once dry, remove the rubber bands and put a candle or light inside. The space where the rubber bands were is still glass and the rest is now coloured! They make for cool lamps!


  1. Turn your old wine bottles into lamps by simply putting some string lights inside them!


  1. Just use some chalkboard paint to paint labels on your jars. This way, you don’t have to worry about what goes where.


  1. If your kids love painting, give them a canvas but first, put tape over it in criss-cross fashion, or any way that you like. Once the paint all over it, let it dry and remove the tapes. You will have a painting that looks almost professional!

These hacks not only make your house pretty but also make for fun activities to do with family! Do give them a try!

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