2 bedroom flat in Pune Makes for a Great Second Home
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  • 13th October, 2018

2 bedroom flat (2BHK) in Pune Makes for a Great Second Home

Pune has, in the recent years, become quite a favorite of real estate investors. If you wish to invest in a second home then buying a 2BHK in Pune is an idea worth considering.


Pune has developed immensely over the past years. It has now become a preferred city for settling by the young generation. It is no longer a city for retirees. The emerging IT sector as well as the flourishing industrial area in its outskirts has led to many people migrating here looking for jobs. Thus, there is an increased demand for housing projects. Hence, many people are investing in second homes in Pune and renting them out.

Oxford for the East

Pune has always been known for excellent education. Known as India’s educational hub, it has several reputed institutes like Fergusson College, Symbiosis,  College of Engineering, Armed Forces Medical College, Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Medical College, ILS Law college and many more. Hence, there is a huge student population in Pune, most of them coming from other cities. This has increased the demand for houses for rent. This has led to many people investing in a 2BHK in Pune and then earning rental income through it.

Real estate cost

A cost of a 2BHK in Pune is much lesser than that of Mumbai. If you live in Mumbai and want to invest in a second home, then Pune is a more practical choice. You will get a much bigger house in a good location on the same budget in this city.

 Return Of Investment

The real estate market in Pune is booming. Many people prefer to buy a 2BHK in Pune because the market has shown a steady growth in the past decade. Investing in a second home in Pune can help you earn either through rental income or by selling the property at a higher price a few years down the line. Either ways, the ROI on property investment in Pune is quite lucrative.

Climate and Nearby Attractions

Buying a 2BHK in Pune has a wonderful added advantage of its pleasant climate and the array of things to do. If you wish for peaceful weekends but also want to enjoy city -life on your weekends, then a weekend home in Pune is perfect for you. It has several places of natural beauty such as Lonavala, Bhandara dongar, Pavna Lake and many more. You also have amusement parks, treks, camping sites, paragliding, and so much more near Pune. A second home in Pune would give you the perfect opportunity to unwind and relax without traveling too far away from home.

If you take into account the recent trends in Pune real estate, you will notice that it is growing at a great pace. It has a very promising future and an investment in Pune’s property market will surely prove beneficial for you.

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