Life 360 Degree, Rahatani- A perfect 2 BHK Apartments in Pune.

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 08th March, 2020

2 BHK Apartments in Pune

Life 360 Degree, Rahatani- A perfect 2 BHK Apartments in Pune

Every one of us has a dream of owning a place which we can call our home and where we can spend quality time with our loved ones. A place where each time we step in, we can get hit with the feeling of safety and euphoria. A house where you can make lots of excellent and heart-warming memories with your beloved. Are you also searching for such a place where you can live your life peacefully and stress-free? Flats for sale in Rahatani Pune are not just an excellent place to live but also give you the surety of safer and stable investment. These flats of 2 BHK apartments in Pune are large and spacious and are loaded with all the facilities that are a necessary part of a high standard of living. The reasons that show own 2BHK flat in Rahatani Pune- Make your dream come true are as follows-

Magnificent and Attractive interior

The 2BKH flats in Rahatani are spacious and have an attractive interior, which gives them a splendid view. The tiles and marbles of beautiful design are used to provide these flats with a good finishing look. The constructors also have taken care to utilize the space to its optimal level. The apartments give you the view of a beautiful garden along with the splendid skyline of the city. Apartments in Rahatani Pune is surrounded with a lot of plants and greenery lush that make you feel the positive aura of the place. It also has the fitness-gym, playground for the kids and toddler, clubs, walking area for the old aged people, and other such places where you can spend quality time with yourself.

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A secure place to live in

The area is not only under the scrutiny of the CCTV cameras but also built with the RCC frame technology. The reliable infrastructure makes these flats safe to live in, and durable. As you enter the house, you will get the most comforting and most familiar feeling of home sweet home.

It has a lot to offer that too at affordable prices

Life 360 in Rahatani is built by the Namrata Group, one of the leading giant construction companies in Pune, which are working in the direction to provide satisfactory customer service and thus have the trust of many clients across the state of Maharashtra. These flats are available at affordable prices. The facilities of home loans from the trusted financial institution are also available. All these things will help you in making your dream of owning your own dream home come true.

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Stable investment option

No doubt, Rahatani is a place that is closely situated nearby one of the airports of the Pune city and also nearby to the Hinjawadi IT hub. Located in the greenery spot of the town and connected well with the rest of the town, these flats can also be your second home away from home. Moreover, the rates of property in Rahatani are continuously rising, which makes the flats in Life 360 a stable investment for the future. It is also well connected with the other facilities such as hospitals, schools, colleges, malls, grocery stores and other sources of entertainment. All these things also make it a suitable place to live in or to earn a significantly high amount of rental income.

The builders have taken all the measures to make these apartments spacious, attractive, safe, and affordable, along with the great location. Thus, these 2BHK flats in Rahatani Pune are the right mix of budget-friendly, affordable, and luxurious apartments.