Why are adjacent sports facilities or clubs in your community required features when purchasing your home?

  • Posted by: Sahir
  • 29th August, 2022

Earlier, staying in a small, self-contained residence within city limits and near a busy commercial area used to be all that was required for a person’s happiness and comfort. This ideal home, however, has evolved significantly in recent years. The younger lot wishes to buy properties and live in green and peaceful places away from the city’s noise. People have become more interested in sports and fitness in the last year to improve their health and well-being.

Gated communities help achieve this desired lifestyle since they are constructed in a calm and natural setting with all the required amenities for comfortable living. When buying a home, projects having good sports facilities are preferred. The trend has been noticed, and luxury real estate developers focused more on developing a premium living area with health and wellness-related features at the forefront.

Why you must have a Club/ Sports Facility in and around your community

  • Impact of Covid-19

The past year has witnessed people inclining more towards sports and fitness for improved health and well-being. Luxury real estate builders observed the trend and focussed more on designing a premium living space that included health and wellness-related amenities at the forefront. One of the greatest benefits of sports facilities in an apartment is that you don’t have to travel far from your home to play a sport or enjoy a swim.

During Covid-19 lockdowns, a need was felt to have sports facilities as close to our homes as possible. Sanitization, restrictions on the number of people, and contact tracing were easier in such a scenario.

  • Easy Access

Playing sports is a great way to stay fit and healthy, mingle with people, and have fun at the same time. This can only happen when these facilities are at a reachable distance or within your residential premises. No matter how much you want to play a sport, easy and quick access is all you would want at a convenient time and place. When you can practice any sport you want, in an optimal environment, you would frequent the place more.

A sports facility within your society’s premises is the best thing you may wish for. When buying homes in Pune, this is perhaps the first preference for a homebuyer after fixing the budget.

With a lot of time spent traveling to work and back, no one likes to travel back to a place to pursue a hobby/ interest. We all want it close to our homes. Sports facilities within apartment premises ensure that children don’t need to be taken around to learn/ play a sport. The gated community ensures their safety.

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  • Necessity

Over time, human needs and comfort have become inextricably linked. The definition of necessity is rapidly shifting as the globe moves toward modernization. Every amenity that was once considered a luxury is now considered a necessity.

  • Better Returns on Property

Having a good sports facility/ Gymnasium/ Swimming Pool in an apartment community has always improved the value of the property. As individuals are getting themselves more involved in fitness and good health. These amenities are what homebuyers look at when buying homes in Pune.

  • Common Sports Facilities

Gymnasiums and swimming pools are the most common amenities people look at when buying a home. However, besides a well-equipped gym these days, builders are also providing residents with outdoor gyms and Cross Fit training facilities.

A growing number of buildings have integrated sports courts into their amenity suites, allowing residents to play basketball, squash, tennis, soccer, or any other sports without leaving the building.

A separate kids’ play area, open spaces, and parks are also sought-after amenities for homebuyers. Children are generally confined to their homes due to the lack of backyards and gardens in modern residences, and they have lost the ability to play freely and carefree.

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The majority of today’s children are addicted to television, video games, and digital devices. Many scientific studies have found that these addictions not only cause physical problems but also have an impact on mental development. Outdoor sports and activities are important for children’s growth.

Having sports facilities or clubs in a community is a boon for its residents. Before you book your dream abode, check on the amenities the project offers. Not only will you get better rentals, but also handsome returns on your investment when you sell.