Benefits of ready possession homes in Pune

  • Posted by: Sahir
  • 15th February, 2022

Buying a property is an emotional as well as crucial decision for most of us. Many questions come into our minds when going to buy a property. Living in a city like Pune where the cost of living is considerably high, making this decision is relatively tough. But in today’s times, consumers are very smart and they invest only in those in projects that are productive and safe. Given the benefits and the fact that there are fewer risks involved, buyers generally prefer ready possession homes in Pune while making a thorough check on the developer’s reputation.

Now let us run through a few pointers to understand what makes ready possession properties a rage among Pune home buyers.

Why Must You Invest In Ready Possession Homes in Pune?

  • Instant Gratification

When you buy new ready possession flats, one of the prime advantages will include eliminating any project delays. You don’t have to wait for the completion of project-part or amenities. You simply make a payment, go through and complete the documentation work and move in.

  • You get exactly what you see

Buying ready-possession homes in Pune is rather beneficial because the buyer is completely aware of the details and knows exactly what they’re buying. Sample flats in under-construction properties might be misleading when you get their possession. Unlike under-construction projects, a ready-possession property allows you to see the exact apartment or flat that you are keen on buying. As the construction work is already finished, you can check and assess the material used and resilience for yourself.

The best aspect about buying these kinds of properties is that there is no room for cheating regarding the layout and design, the furnishing, and the general quality is presented. So, you get the chance to compare and evaluate different properties and make a well-informed decision.

Besides, the homebuyers also get a better understanding of how well connected is the location of their 1 BHK/ 2 BHK flats in Pune. They get a fair idea of the necessary infrastructure such as roads, transport facilities, educational institutes, and other such important aspects near the project.

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  • No GST

In property-buying decisions, taxes play a crucial role. Most homebuyers avail of home loans to buy ready possession homes in Pune, as the tax benefits regarding a home loan payment are plenty. Most real estate developers offer No GST charges to the customers.

  • Low-Risk

It is difficult to sell an under-construction property especially if its delivery is locked in a legal battle or is delayed. In most cases, real estate developers do not make the transfer of apartments until the whole project is complete and even if they do, they ask for additional hefty charges. With ready possession homes in Pune, you are saved from this risk.

  • Only EMI with no Down Payment

The major benefit of a ready possession home is that the homebuyer pays only the EMIs of a home loan and moves in into their abode. Whereas for an under-construction property, if there is any delay from the developer’s end, then the homebuyer might have to pay a higher rate on interest as EMI will begin only when the home loan gets disbursed and the rates may vary. This might get financial strain on the buyer and he/she may cancel the purchase of the property.

  • Save on Rentals

For ready possession homes in Pune, you immediately start getting rent if you are not planning to move into your new home. As the rent structure for each location is usually fixed, depending on the amenities available and how recent the project is, many homeowners prefer renting their homes specially if they have invested in other cities too. This, in return supports you in paying the EMI for the loan taken on the house.

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  • Know Thy Neighbor/Neighborhood

When you book ready possession flats in Pune, it allows you to know everything in advance, not only the layout and designs but also the people who are going to live around you. It’s a vital aspect as those are the people you would live around day in and day out. Other aspects of the house can be managed or changed, but you cannot change your neighbors in that residential community.

A ready possession allows you to speak to your future neighbors and have an idea about them and their living experiences. You can also talk about the nearby schools and education quality with parents living already there in the community. Check out the parks and other amenities and ensure whether they look satisfactory to you. You can know well in advance how your kids will go to their school/University, the accessibility of the best grocery centers and malls, etc.

Buying a property will always remain a big decision in your life so, research & explore your options and book your space into ready possession flats in Pune!