Property rates in Pune for 2018
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  • 28th September, 2018

Pune Real Estate

Property rates in Pune Real Estate for the year 2018

As a property buyer, what are the most important things you consider before buying a real estate in Pune? – Cost and Location only. This is the only two measures usually property buyers consider while buying any property around Pune but as data has shown in past real estate can be a tricky place. With every region in Pune going through a drastic change in terms of infrastructure and livability, it’s important that you consider more factors into consideration before buying any property.

Terms affecting Pune Real Estate Cost for 2018

Livability of the Area

Property rates grew by average 10 percent per year if a school/ college is located within 5 Km of the property. Livability of the area depends on the following factors:-

  • Nearby Essential Facilities- Super-Market, Vegetable market, educational institutions. This would also differ from person to person or according to needs.
  • Daily Commuting – Public Transport. Many regions of Pune have seen exponential growth in property rates as the metro route was planned. Good quality of roads plays a vital role before property rates are decided.


Baner and Balewadi are the prime examples of the city development. As the property buyer, you have to identify the pockets of the region which would be leading the development. One such upcoming region is Talegaon due it’s vicinity to Hinjewadi and also good connectivity with Pune city.

Development of the region is also affected if the region would now be included within the city limits or under the municipal government. It helps in bringing many development projects in the region.

Technology and Environmental Factors

Disruptive technology will help in better waste management and providing different health facilities in cases of emergency or infectious diseases.  Healthcare technology is one factor that would greatly contribute in the future also. Environmental factors would include the pollution, water facilities or even the quality of the soil.

Here is a brief idea about property rates in Pune

Region Avg. Cost per square Feet Percentage- Rise/ Drop
Wagholi Rs. 10,218/ Sq.Ft 13%- Rise
Kharadi Rs. 52,218/ Sq.Ft 24.3%- Rise
Baner Rs. 34,328/ Sq.Ft 15.7%- Drop
Balewadi Rs. 37,245/ Sq.Ft 24%-Rise
Talegaon Rs. 24,476/ Sq.Ft 25%-Rise
Rahatani Rs. 9,231/ Sq.Ft 17.9%- Rise
Bavdhan Rs. 14,453/ Sq.Ft 32.4%-Rise
Aundh Rs. 26,534/ Sq.Ft 41.6%-Rise
Ravet Rs. 9,857/Sq.Ft 22.3%-Rise

The above figures will give you a brief idea about Pune real estate rates. The rate of any given property would still vary depending upon the date of the procession and whether the construction is still ongoing or remains to begin.

Identifying a good property requires loads of research and fieldwork. To make things easier for you we have identified certain projects for you in Talegaon.  Ecocity 2.0 located near Talegaon MIDC, Aikonic situated in Yashwant Nagar, Slim Tower and Eco Shoppy near Talegaon-Varale Road.

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