Construction Update

Life 360 Degree Construction Updates September 2019

Updates on: 18th September, 2019

Work completed this month :

A - Building:

17th Slab Completed, Brick Work - 17 floors completed, Internal Gypsum - 15TH Floor Completed, Tiling - kitchen otta 14th Floor completed, OVERHEAD WATER TANK - WORK IN PROGRESS, External Plaster - 65% Completed

B - Building:

17th slab completed, Brick Work - 15 Floors completed, OVERHEAD WATER TANK COMPLETED, Internal gypsum - 14th floor completed, EXTERNAL PLASTER - West Side Completed, South Side Completed, East Side Completed, North side 60% Completed, Toilet, kitchen and dry balcony dado work - Upto 7th Floor, Kitchen Platform - 15th Floor Completed, Flooring - 1st Floor Completed

C - Building:

Piling work Completed, Footing - Completed

Infra Development

Club House - Ready

Swimming pool with Baby Pool - Ready

Amphitheatre - Ready

Deck Area - Ready

Barbeque Area - Ready

Gazebo - Ready

Basket Ball court - Ready

Multi purpose Court - Ready

Children's Play Area - Ready

Skating Area - Ready

Walking Track - Ready


Water tank RCC Work completed
Podium Work in Progress