What is satbara (7/12) & why it’s very important?

  • Posted by: Sahir
  • 13th June, 2022

People are mostly aware of the nitty-gritty of buying a home. However, if you’re buying a plot of land in Maharashtra, are you aware of the state policies? Well! Most people would not know. So, what is that you must know if you tend to acquire a plot in Maharashtra? There is a critical paper called ‘7/12 Satbara’ that you must be aware of when buying land in Maharashtra state.

What is the Satbara 7/12 extract? Here are the Features.

  • The 7 and 12 Utara or satbara is an extract taken from the Maharashtra land records register, it has extensive information about land in any part of Maharashtra. The 7/12 is a register, which gives total information of a specific plot. A 7/12 remove is provided by the income department, through the tahsildar.
  • The 7/12 extract is made of two village forms- Form VII and Form XII and thus the name. The 7/12 essence reveals the town form number.
  • The number 7 stands for Kind VII which contains information about the proprietors and also their legal rights, while 12 stands for Kind XII which contains details of the agricultural attributes of the land.
  • Type VII has information such as the legal rights record, residents’ details, possession details, lessee information, and income commitment of the owners as well as various other details related to the land. Type XII consists of details related to crops, their type as well as the area covered by the crops.
  • The 7 and12 Utara is maintained as ROR (record-of-right) by Maharashtra Land Revenue Record of Rights and Registers (Preparation and Maintenance), Rules 1971
  • The 7/12 removal is not a conclusive record to prove the ownership, but it is just a document to establish income liability. The title of the home cannot be moved, based on a 7/12 extract.

Importance of the 7 and 12 satbara

  • A 7/12 or plot satbara discloses the history of ownership of the land and consequently, it is handy while checking for past disagreements on the land as well as to learn the lawful orders that might impact the land. As it likewise consists of the usage records of the land, a 7/12 remove can help in developing, whether the land was used for farming functions and also what kind of crops were grown.
  • It contains information that can reveal whether the story you want to purchase, has an access road for normal use.
  • It works as a legal file. Consequently, if you have acquired land, after that, the documents are moved in your name as well as this is reflected in the 7/12 essence.
  • It is just one of the important papers that banks request if you intend to raise lending against such a home.
  • It can be used in civil legal disputes.
  • It contains info related to the dividing of land, lawful disagreements, financing details on such land, and so on.

How to Obtain 7/12 Satbara Details Online

Mahabhulekh or Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilek is a land record website of Maharashtra that provides ‘7/12 Utara and 8A extract to citizens as 7/12 online. Maha abhilekh can be accessed on bhulekh.mahabhumi.gov.in. Mahabhulekh 7/12 is a one-stop platform for searching, downloading, and extracting land documents in the state. This document on Maha abhilekh is important to verify the past ownership and disputes over a particular piece of land.

  • Go To Mahabhulekh Portal.
  • Pick an area from the drop-down menu.
  • Pick 7/12 from the menu and also pick the district from the drop-down checklist.
  • Pick Area and also Town.
  • Search for records via survey number, first name, last name, or full name.
  • When your residential or commercial property information pops up, you have to register yourself on the site with your mobile number.

How to get a digitally signed 7/12 paper from Maha Bhulekh online?

For any legal purpose, the document must be electronically authorized. It proves the authenticity of the file. Follow the below process to get your duplicate of the 7/12 document digitally signed.

  • Visit Abhilekh Portal and click e-Records.
  • Click on ‘New Individual Registration’ to register yourself. Send all the requisite information as well as information. When you have registered on your own, log in to the website.
  • Select the search standards to locate your building details and also include the residential or commercial property document in the cart.
  • When you have included all the required papers in the cart, click on ‘Download and install’. All the records will be downloaded and installed with digital trademarks.

7/12 document is needed by the SRO when you are involved in selling your land. Also, to get a loan from the bank or increase your farm credit, you need to submit a 7/12 Utara document to the bank. Additionally, in case of a legal dispute, you can use it in a court of law.

A satbara check is critical when making a land purchase/sale in Maharashtra. This ready reckoner would assist you in understanding and obtaining this document when you’re all set to invest a large sum into purchasing land in the state.

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