Step into luxury at flats in Tathawade, at 7 Plumeria Drive!

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 31st March, 2020

flats in Tathawade

Step into luxury at flats in Tathawade, at 7 Plumeria Drive!

Whether it for living point of view or investing purpose, are you thinking of buying a property in Tathawade? Don’t forget to check out the flats in 7 Plumeria Drive. The apartments are loaded with all the modern amenities that are not only luxuries but also the crucial requirements of the young generation. These flats in Tathawade made in a way that does not compromise with the privacy and safety. The place is well connected to the significant highways and the rest of the city. What makes the luxury flats in Tathawade Pune worth buying are its surroundings with a peaceful environment filled with greenery. Nothing is as comforting as getting a break from the stress-filled life every evening in your own home where you are not only live but enjoy life.


flats in Tathawade


Safety, Security, and Privacy

The most important feature of a place that gives you the feeling of coming home is the fact that you feel comfortable and safe in your house. These flats are built with the latest technology and fine-quality material to keep its residents safe even from natural calamities such as an earthquake. The place is under the surveillance of the camera and also has the facility of security guard 24/7. The privacy of the people has given the top priority by the constructors. Therefore, the place is well secure and privacy-proof.

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Excellency in Infrastructure along with the sustainability of the transportation

The flats are designed in a way that ensures the maximum utilization of the space. The interior of the place is spacious, beautiful, and magnificent. From living rooms, bedrooms to bathrooms and Kitchen, each part of the flats is exceptionally decorated with elegant tiles and marbles. While taking a tour of the place, you will come face to face with the eye-capturing beauty. The apartments also offer you an opportunity to see a fantastic bird-eye view of the whole city every day.

Oh, did I mention Tathawade is not only near to the significant highways but also near to the IT park of Pune? The place is not just beautiful but also well-sustainable because of the proper connectivity with the rest of the city and adequate transportation facilities such as the Bus Rapid Transit System.

A hotspot of greenery loaded with all the amenities.

Increased urbanization has placed a lot of pressure on the existing resources, which also caused the decline of the forest and greenery. Plumeria Drive is not only close to nature and filled with greenery but also surrounded by entertainment clubs, malls, grocery shops, multispecialty hospitals, and major educational institutions. It also has its summing pools, clubs, meditation hall, multi-purpose hall, and library and fitness gym.


flats in Tathawade


A source of generating revenue as well as capital gains

If you are looking for a safe and stable investment that will offer you long-term as well as short-term profit, then you should invest in Tathawade. The property rates are increasing with each passing day. That ensures an ample amount of profit in the future. You can also rent your property in Tathawade and thus increase your monthly income.

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The 7 Plumeria Drive is the Undertaking of Namrata Group, the leading- real estate company of the Pune, which operates in the many cities of Maharashtra. It is a trusted brand in terms of the apartment and house property and has a base of thousands of happy customers. From the luxury to greenery and from the safety to the privacy, the flats have so much to offer. On top of that, these flats for sale in Tathawade are available at the most affordable prices, thus making 7 Plumeria Drive, Tathawade – A perfect choice to invest in Pune.