A home amidst nature

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 30th May, 2018

A home surrounded by nature

A home surrounded by nature is heavenly!

A fabulous home that looks after all your needs, cares for you, shares your joys and closes doors on all your worries. A home where the warmth of family life extends to your neighbours and a lovely community life shapes up through it. And last but not the least your neighbourhood also includes trees, flowers, lakes, birds, butterflies and mountains. If you wish for such a home, you are sure to find one in Talegaon.

As the name suggests, Talegaon means ‘Lake City’. So, you can just imagine it. Those translucent mirrors on earth reflecting the azure skies, elegant cranes or grey -white clouds floating above. Go for an early morning walk along these lakes; go for a picnic by the lakeside, enjoy a solitary walk and just sit quietly by the lakeside dipping your feet in the tranquil water and cool your heels, literally.  You can even plan a trip to the nearby Bhandar Dongar.  Plan a trek, camp there overnight and feel the thrill of playing with the wild, roaring wind, watch the miniature world from the mountain top.

Nature has a soothing way of calming the tangled nerves-an inevitable side effect of the hectic lifestyle of today. The mid- paced and serene lifestyle of Talegaon can do wonders to your health and fill your senses with an unprecedented contentment. It’s hardly surprising then that even doctors suggest a retreat to Talegaon as its known for its unique healing effect. Besides, this pretty satellite city is well-connected to Mumbai-Pune-Nashik and all important places are easily accessible from here. Talegaon has kept the evil of global warming at bay-thanks to the abundance of nature here!

We are sure, by now you are completely convinced about buying a home in Talegaon on the fascinating backdrop of nature. So, welcome to Namrata! We would love to make your dream come true through a fabulous array of homes!

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