Advantages of Group Booking

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 04th June, 2018

An easier way to buy a home!

Most of us think that buying a home is a tough task and It means blowing the lifetime of investment at one go. The idea of taking home loan and especially that of repaying it sounds equally intimidating. However, the trend of group booking is getting really quite popular these days, in India and abroad too. Group booking is especially popular among employees of the same company.

Advantage of group bookings

Group booking is economic: Group booking is a most cost efficient way of booking a home. The cost gets divided and it’s much lighter on the individual pocket. Besides, you can strike a better deal with sumptuous discounts.

  • It’s safer and easier: When you book in a group, you can share the responsibilities of documentation and other technicalities and becomes much easier, even faster.
  • A community life of your choice: Booking in a group also means choosing the neighbours you like. Living in a familiar neighbourhood creates an energetic comfort zone for you. It keeps you happy, active and your children get an opportunity to grow up in an extended family, observe others, learn and enrich themselves with a variety of experiences.
  • An opportunity for bonding: When you have your colleagues as your neighbours, you can mix up with them, arrange parties and picnics together, go for movies, music concerts, dance performances etc. What’s more, you can celebrate various festivals together. You can seek each other’s advice or help in your day to day life and enhance the feeling of security. This will have a positive effect on your psychological and physical health and foster the feeling of well being.


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