What is the Pune Real Estate Market Trend for Residential Plots?

  • Posted by: Sahir
  • 22nd October, 2022

Living out of homes, Covid-19 has immensely impacted the way we lived. Chance to live in independent houses, the scope for value appreciation and open spaces are aiding the demand for plots. However, a city like Pune has hardly any land parcels left, and those available are quite expensive. It is Pune suburbs & peripheries that offer more attractive real estate options especially if you are looking for residential plots near Pune. Kamshet is one such upcoming locality near Pune which is an emerging hotspot for investors seeking residential plots for sale.

Kamshet’s proximity to Talegaon, Pune, and Mumbai makes it ideal to invest in a plot of land.

Besides, property rates are far more affordable in Kamshet than in Pune. A known name in Maharashtra real estate market, Namrata Group is offering plots for sale near Pune at Kamshet in a gated community project – Aquagem. To those of you looking to buy 1 guntha plot in Pune or near Mumbai but can’t afford the same there, Aquagem at Kamshet offers a host of options.

Let us explore the trend to buy residential plots in Pune.

Emerging trends for residential plots in Pune real estate market; What makes buying land in Kamshet so alluring for investors?

Increase in Demand

The demand for plotted developments is witnessing a slow and steady rise since the year 2020. It is believed that plots were always in demand. However, COVID-19 gave a push to it further. Now large organized property developers have also entered the ‘plotted development’ space. These include leading property developers such as Godrej Properties, Sobha Developers, Mahindra Lifespaces, and even state players such as Namrata Group in Maharashtra have forayed into the space.

No Depreciation on Investment

Buyers believe that plots are even a better proposition compared to a house or apartments are given that there are no depreciating elements involved. While the age of an apartment can have a negative impact on the value of apartments since the buildings are dilapidated over a prolonged period, if not maintained well.

Flexibility of Design

Post the pandemic, people have realized the importance of having a home suited to their personal needs and requirements. The biggest advantage of a residential plot is that you can design your dream house as per your taste and style and take your own time for the same.

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Less Risk

Risks are low when you buy plots through an established developer in a gated community. Good developers also offer a lot of common amenities such as designated parks, a clubhouse, a play area, etc.

No delays

People in cities are fed-up with construction delays in projects. For land investments, however, there is no delay at all. Once you complete the formalities you can immediately take over your land. Also, there are no delays in construction.

Better Return on Investment (ROI)

From an investment standpoint, plotted developments offer a potentially higher return on investment than apartments or floors. Also, with fluctuating stock markets and steep gold prices, people are immensely inclined to invest in land, given the safety it offers. Returns from a plot of land in the short to medium term are way beyond that of any other investment option. The value of plots increases with time. More so when an area like Kamshet is near cities like Pune and Mumbai, the prices are bound to scale up.

For potential buyers of land sitting on the fence for some time now, Aquagem at Kamshet is a good project to invest in. Aquagem is a residential development near Pune that offers serene and peaceful living. With the backdrop of lush green and majestic mountains, buy a plot of land and create your dream abode. Kamshet is a hill station and having your own space in a hill station means so much!



The project is affordable, so, an investment here doesn’t pinch the pocket much. Besides, you can buy land as per your budget and build a house later when your finances permit. The project offers a host of amenities that include a basketball court, gazebo, children’s play area, and a party lawn with lawn mounds. There is a small stage with an amphitheater and a Clubhouse with a multi-purpose hall.

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The issue with standalone homes is that they are generally deprived of modern living and amenities. Security is another concern with unit houses. At Aquagem however, the plot owners will get to avail all amenities located within the premises of the project. Like any other residential project, there is security for the residents, Aquagem being a gated community. So, while you create your abode on your land, you also get to enjoy the amenities & benefits of a residential community; the best of both worlds.

Pune’s appetite for plots has been growing at a rapid pace, resulting in a significant rise in demand. Promising excellent returns, and less hassle, check out Aquagem’s residential plots near Pune at Kamshet.