The key to your radiant health shines through while you stay with us

  • Posted by: Sahir
  • 13th September, 2022

Over the past decade, everyone is taking up fitness as a lifestyle with the increase in healthcare awareness across the globe. In India too, our society has witnessed an increase in gyms and healthcare centers across the cities. When scouting for a home, most buyers tend to look at the amenities a project offers. In tandem with this trend most new projects in Pune or ready-possession homes offer these fitness amenities.

Importance of fitness amenities

Amenities play a vital role in choosing our abode. It defines the quality & desirability of a residential project. Features such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, gym, etc make a home more alluring for homebuyers. There is an obvious and unavoidable connection between the social infrastructure of a residential project and the well-being of its new residents.

Many real estate developers have noticed this trend and are coming up with measures to provide their residents with all the fitness-related amenities. Eco City 2.0 and Aikonic are two popular ready-to-move projects in Pune that are equipped with all modern amenities to take care of your fitness. Developed by Namrata Group, these new projects in Pune-ready possession are a must-check-out if you are looking to invest in a home offering good amenities.


new projects in pune ready possession


Aikonic is a luxurious residential project offering cosmopolitan living located in Talegaon Dabhade. It offers both 1 BHK and ready possession 2 BHK flats in Pune. The project is loaded with amenities that will keep you healthy and fit. There is a jogging track, a kid’s play area, a swimming pool, and a gymnasium to sweat it out. There is a meditation area too.

Eco City 2.0 is another luxurious project in Talegaon Dhabade offering 2 and 1 BHK new construction flats in Pune ready possession. This project also promises to keep you healthy and fit with a host of fitness amenities. These include a jogging track, a gymnasium, a table tennis court, a swimming pool, and a separate kid’s play area. There is a designated meditation area also.

Fitness Amenities at Aikonic and Eco City 2.0

  • Gymnasium

A state-of-the-art gymnasium with professional trainers is a must for every gated community. Whether it is sunny outside or raining, you can also work out in the gymnasium without bothering about the weather outside. Both Aikonic and Eco City 2.0 have their respective gymnasiums.


new projects in pune ready possession


  • Jogging Tracks

Societies have a mixed population consisting of adults, senior citizens, and children. Keeping the elderly residents in mind, both Aikonic and Eco City 2.0 have thoughtfully designed jogging tracks surrounded by lush greenery for a perfect brisk walk, as you soak in the crisp morning breeze.


new projects in pune ready possession


  • Athletics and sports

Almost all the good residential apartments offer their residents an extensive range of sport-related amenities. Every gated community is now designed with an ultra-modern swimming pool to cool off on a hot day. The most searched apartment amenity is a swimming pool. Both Aikonic and Eco City 2.0 have a swimming pool.

Eco City 2.0 also has a table tennis court.


new projects in pune ready possession


·         Green Areas

Green areas in an apartment are a wonderful amenity that brings life to an apartment complex. For an apartment resident, access to green space can offset some of the stress of city living.

As well as being restorative, green space appears to improve health. Both Aikonic and Eco City 2.0 have green areas. Green spaces act as a kind of mental balm.


new projects in pune ready possession


  • Meditation Areas to lower mental stress

There is a designated Meditation area in both Aikonic and Eco City 2.0. Stress and city life go hand-in-hand. There is no way you can avoid stress, however, you can release it or lessen it surely. To facilitate this you may use the meditation area and sit in peace to meditate.


new projects in pune ready possession


If you are looking to buy a home in Pune check out these new projects in Pune-ready possession: Aikonic and Eco City 2.0. Avail of their excellent fitness amenities to attain radiant health and ever-lasting happiness