Idyllic Winter Getaways Around Pune

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 10th December, 2019

Idyllic Winter Getaways Around Pune

Idyllic Winter Getaways Around Pune


Have you recently moved to Pune with your family, or perhaps you are braving the new City all on your own? Do you feel bored on weekends and lonely at home on vacation? If you are answering affirmatively to every question, then here is a piece of good news for you. Pune is the land of picturesque winter vacation spots and adventurous getaways. If you are planning a fun weekend around Christmas, or at any time of the year, check out the places where you can venture out with your family or on your own.

Picturesque Places of Pune to Visit during Winter

Get a Taste of Italy in Lavasa


If you fantasize about the charming locales of Italy, but your budget is just not high enough, then ditch the European dream, and take a trip to Lavasa instead. Spend a day in Portofino, the pretty town designed after an Italian citadel. Indulge in a host of fun activities too like trekking, cycling, water sports, and more besides reveling in the scenic views.

Take in the Chill of Kaas Plateau

Kaas Plateau

Take a trip to the picturesque Kaas Plateau to marvel at the pretty blossoms blooming widely across the plateau. Located on the outskirts of Pune, Kaas Plateau is drenched in vivid colors of nature, which glow all the more during winter. So don’t forget to carry your camera and click plenty of pictures of the picturesque plateau.

Go Camping near the Pawna Lake

pawana lake

If you are seeking to relax and breathe free during the weekend, then Pawna Lake is an ideally pristine and pretty getaway for you. A drive of two hours will take you to the lake bed where you set up your camp and bonfire. There is nothing more calming than drinking in the serene view of Pawna Lake. Take a break from the chaotic din of the City and drive over to Pawna Lake to relax and have a grand time.

Escape the Cacophony with Kamshet


Kamshet is not only one of the most popular hill stations of Pune but incredibly aesthetic too. It is a small and picturesque hamlet at about 5500 ft above the sea level. Pack in all of your sweaters, jackets, and shawls, and drive to Kamshet for a fun weekend with camping, and other fun and adventurous activities. Kamshet is one of the best winter spots for romantic and family vacations.

Go Trekking at Rajmachi


If you wanna feel all sweaty and adventurous, then look no further beyond Rajmachi, the best trekking spot of Pune. Drive 80 kilometers out of the City and trek to the summit to catch a glimpse of the most enthralling view that will meet your weary but excited eyes. Begin your day with a foaming mug of aromatic tea and trek along the trails in the fresh, dewy, and foggy morning of Rajmachi.

The list will undoubtedly satiate your wanderlust and make you look forward to weekends and vacations with unadulterated enthusiasm. So, pack your bags and book the tickets. Wild nature and romantic adventures are beckoning the wander bug in you.