Embrace The Beauty Of Living In Talegaon At Eco City 2.0

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 14th March, 2020

Living in Talegaon

Embrace The Beauty Of Living In Talegaon At Eco City 2.0

When it comes to properties in Talegaon, there is a practicality that is often missing in other locations nearby and Pune indeed.  Talegaon is an upcoming locality, and the Eco City 2.0 by Namrata Group is but an affordable option to those wishing to make Talegaon their residence of the future.

  1. Location

Situated close to the industrial suburbs of Pune city, the flats in Talegaon are as close as you can get to the center of the action.  It is safe to say that the location is ideal for those wishing to get to the center of the automotive action with the Pimpri-Chinchwad industrial belt, just a stone throw away. This is also another reason for the creation of demand for the units as they get completed.

Being located close to the Pune-Mumbai Expressway enable folks from Mumbai as well as Pune to take an interest in projects in the region.  Who can argue with a locational advantage that sees access to both industrial areas and major cities that are close by?

  1. Affordability

The success of any real estate venture does depend a lot on the pricing of the units in the project. Properties in Talegaon are some of the most affordable ones to be had this close to Pune.  Few people would find the asking rate at Eco City 2.0 to be on the higher side.

Being affordable has a lot of strong points going for a project. First is the broader range of clientele that gets to own an apartment or flat.  The second is the higher appreciation for the value of the property as time passes.

  1. Amenities on offer

With most flats, it is the amenities that are on offer on the project that sets it apart from the competition. But at the same time, often there would be a cap on what a builder can offer the customer as he has to keep the costs to manageable and affordable levels.  Living in Talegaon in the Eco City 2.0 can be luxurious for the kind of facilities on offer.

  • Car parking: Most flats in and around cities in India have problems find enough space to park vehicles. At Eco City 2.0, every effort has been made to provide ample space for the residents to park their cars on the premises.
  • Swimming pool: What better way to cool off after a hot summer’s day than with a plunge into the pool? At this property, every effort has been made to provide a pool that is sufficiently large to accommodate the most people comfortably. Installed at the pool is one of the best filtration plants that ensures a healthy experience as well.
  • Gymnasium: In today’s hectic lifestyles, it gives a lot of comfort to know that there is a dedicated gym right at the premises which function around the clock. This would ensure that residents need not worry about getting their time slots right as it can be used whenever people so desire it.


Eco City 2.0 is probably one of the most affordable properties at Varale, Talegaon. On offer are some of the most affordable options when it comes to flats in Talegaon.  The future developments in Talegaon would ensure that people get to own some of the best residences that could command a premium on the market in the future.