Dhanteras: A festival of Investment, it’s significance and Benefits

  • Posted by: Sahir
  • 03rd October, 2022

Festivals add happiness and cheer to our lives. But there’s more to them. Dhanteras is one of the most auspicious days of the year to make investments. Dhanteras marks the beginning of the five-day Diwali festival. It is believed that whatever one buys on this day, reaps rich benefits and your fortunes multiply if you invest at this time. The festival is about exciting offers and discounts too, especially if you are planning to invest in real estate.

Dhanteras – Significance

Dhanteras is the popular name for “Dhantrayodashi“, celebrated on Trayodashi Tithi in the Hindu month of Kartik, usually two days before Diwali. The word ‘Dhanteras’ is derived from ‘Dhan’ which means wealth and ‘Teras’ which means thirteen. So, when is Dhanteras 2022? This year Dhanteras festival will be celebrated on October 22nd, 2022.

Significance of Buying Property on Dhanteras

  • Auspicious Time

Festivals are the best time for any kind of property investment in India and Dhanteras is an important festival, which brings along some amazing deals on new properties (homes or plots of land). As festival days are considered the most auspicious ones to bring in good fortune and make new beginnings, many people book their first homes during this time.

When purchasing property, many customers wait for this time to invest in real estate. It makes complete sense to spend on something so essential during the festival, given the fortunate nature of the celebration linked with various Gods.


Dhanteras festival


Festivals are very important for both buyers as well as developers. Buyers get a wonderful opportunity to invest in a new property while developers get a huge number of bookings on the Dhanteras festival.

Dhanteras is an auspicious time to give token money for a new house. However, ideally, one must not perform a Griha Pravesh on this day.

  • Offers and Discounts

Special discounts on booking:  Real estate developers try to attract buyers like you by offering special booking discounts, which can be very beneficial.

Stamp duty discounts: A lot of discounts are offered on stamp duty as well during the festival. This is important as you are required to pay the stamp duty while buying or after constructing the new home.

EMI may be paid by the developer: This is another attractive offer that many developers come up with. In this case, they will pay your home’s EMI for a specific period if you have taken a home loan.


Dhanteras festival

Group discounts:  Builders might also give a special discount if you go for group home bookings.

Buy now and pay later: This is another awesome offer especially if you are on a tight budget now. With this, you can go ahead and buy a home now and pay later.

Free appliances/ Cashback:

Many developers offer electronic appliances or cashback facilities on property bookings.

These schemes and freebies attract & lure customers to select the appropriate price range for their desired property.

  • Various New Projects Launch

Since most property investments are made during this time of the year, the developers launch new projects at this time. Coupled with good discounts and offers, you can crack the best deals for property investment at Dhanteras.

  • Other Investments

Apart from real estate, people also make other investments in Dhanteras like gold, silver, appliances, utensils, etc.

Gold & Silver

Gold and Silver are the precious metals that are the favorite of all assets for Indians. Gold & Silver Investments in Dhanteras are considered to be auspicious and find their origin in the scriptures. Indians have always been pro to Gold & Silver Investments in Dhanteras due to their potential for a good appreciation in the long-term. However, many buy gold in the form of jewelry rather than in gold coins and bars.

Purchase Appliances & Utensils

Dhanteras is an auspicious time to purchase new stuff. Keeping this in mind a lot of people buy things they need specifically at this time of the year.

Have you ever thought about why we celebrate Dhanteras? Let us run through the Dhanteras story.

Dhanteras Story

As per a popular legend of Samudra Manthan, Goddess Lakshmi emerged from the ocean during the churning of the ocean on the day of Dhantrayodashi. This is why Dhanteras is celebrated. This is also the reason that Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped on Trayodashi.

Dhanteras Puja

This auspicious day tends to have significance for businessmen as several rituals are performed for the enhancement of their work and wealth.  Dhanteras puja is performed in the evening during Pradosh Kaal which starts after sunset and approximately lasts 2 hours and 24 minutes. Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped in this puja. Yamandeep is a ritual done on the Dhanteras when the lamp for the God of death is lit outside the home to ward off any untimely death of any family members. Finally, an aarti is performed.


Dhanteras festival


Get ready to celebrate the Dhanteras festival in a whole new way by buying a new home or a plot of land. Start a new chapter of your life on the right note. Make the most of all the discounts, schemes, and incentives builders offer around this time to save your hard-earned money and have a truly happy Dhanteras.