Are You Looking For Flats Under 20 Lakhs In Pune? Head Over To Happycity!

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 04th March, 2020

budget flats in Pune

Are You Looking For Flats Under 20 Lakhs In Pune? Head Over To Happycity!

For every builder, the question is how much of facilities to provide for the price quoted.  Apartments in Pune are not cheap by any means, but the Happycity by Namrata Group stands out for pure value for money proposition.  On offer are some of the choosiest flats all at an affordable rate and with the due luxuries thrown in.

  1. Location

The Happycity project is located at Varale, Talegaon, and promises to be the future locality of Pune.  It is situated close to the Industrial corridor, and this is bound to bring with it a fair deal of appreciation.  Few people can complain of connectivity as the Pune-Mumbai Expressway is just minutes away.  For those folks bases out of Bangalore, this is a convenient location on their way to Pune and Mumbai.

Property in Pune is some of the hottest selling items even in this slow down atmosphere. This occurs due to the fact that Pune as a city does not have the drawbacks of the typical metropolis, and the place has a lot to offer in terms of value to the customer.

  1. Price

Surprisingly, few people would complain that the budget flats in Pune are highly priced. This offering by Namrata, the Happycity, offers some of the most affordable accommodation in this part of the country.  The apartment complex is made up of single and two-bedroom apartments and thus is ideal for those starting a family.

  1. Amenities

Few people expect anything out of the ordinary with budget planned flats.  But despite the low-cost target, the Happycity project has managed to squeeze in a few needed amenities into the small signature compound that houses the apartments.

  • Play area: A particular feature of families that are small and young is that they tend to have little toddlers and children among them. How better can the space be utilized than to provide the users with a small play area for the children?  Flats in Pune are not that expansive, and it is no different with the Happycity project as well. But it speaks volumes of the thoughtfulness of the designers to provide for a play area.
  • Clubhouse: Most apartment complexes in Pune and Mumbai nowadays come with a clubhouse. But to expect a clubhouse to be provided with a flat on a budget is beyond expectations. This can be a convenient spot for a get-together or just a place to have a game of cards.
  • Earthquake resistant: As people get to be more ecologically conscious, they tend to demand more out of the typical new homes in Pune. With one of the most advanced construction techniques, has been that it is possible to incorporate safety measures like being earthquake-resistant into the buildings.  Not only does this mean a safer flat or apartment, but it also demonstrates the concern the builders have for the everyday person who might be interested in a cost-effective mode of accommodation.


Few people can argue that finding a cost-effective solution to their accommodation problems are not the topmost priority.  These flats in Pune are as economical as it gets with some of the most advanced construction techniques being used on them.  Being RERA registered, the project does have the protection of the nodal body.