Be the Santa to your family and get them the best gift this Christmas

  • Posted by: Shubhangi Parakhe
  • 04th November, 2022

It’s Christmas shopping time 2022! Gear up to play Santa to your family and friends, and your loved ones, and get them some luxury Christmas gifts 2022. As the festivities approach, the markets and malls are all crowded with shoppers. Picking the perfect present isn’t always easy. Gift-giving can be an expression of friendship or love, a way to show your appreciation for the meaningful people in your life. It is an easy and thoughtful way to show you care.

Trends in Christmas Gift Giving

Giving Christmas gifts to family and friends is a tradition that we wait for all year. However, this tradition has evolved. Consumerism and retailer marketing has dramatically changed the landscape of gift-giving. Expansive marketing campaigns during the holiday season seemingly encourage buying, buying, and more buying.

Black Friday sales after Thanksgiving kick off the holiday shopping season, with enticing deals encouraging consumers to shop. From malls to retail shops there are whopping discounts everywhere. Christmas holiday sales seem to grow year after year owing to this rising trend.

luxury christmas gifts 2022


Here are some top Christmas gifts 2022 that you may look at before you begin shopping.

Christmas Gifts 2022

Christmas gift-giving is a personal choice, one that every family manages differently. Generally, families opt to give gifts depending on their budget and preferences. Let us explore some trendy gifts for 2022 for friends and family.


Kids love receiving gifts and even a small gift can make them happy. But we know shopping for kids is always hard, and when you want to gift them something other than a toy, then double the thinking. Christmas gifts in 2022 for kids could include the following:

  • Gifting a piggy bank to children serves not only as a traditional gift but will also teach your kids how to save and use money.
  • Books: Gifting a fun picture book or a storybook/novel can be an excellent gifting option. Choose books with attractive pictures, fun characters, and a simple story. These stories also come with moral values, which will help in a child’s upbringing.
  • Chocolates: Everyone loves chocolates, when in doubt gift chocolates.

Wrist Watch: This is a great gift for your kid if you are teaching him how to read the clock.

Video Games: Kids these days are quite tech-savvy than we were at their age. Video games/ Playstations can make for a perfect Christmas gift. But make sure to set a limit to stop them from spending too much time on video games.

Magazine Subscriptions: For slightly older kids, gift them a magazine, book, fact magazine, or comic subscription this Christmas. Your child will surely have something to look forward to every month. And receiving mail addressed solely to him will also make him feel proud.

Puzzles or Board Games: Children love to exercise their minds and think up strategies, so a puzzle or a board game will be a perfect Christmas gift.

DIY Project Activity Kids: Activity kit sets are a perfect way to engage children in learning and enjoyment. These activity kit sets contain puzzles, clay molds, DIY craft items based on themes, and more. The Do-It-Yourself activities are great for a child’s learning.

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General Gifts

For adults, luxury Christmas gifts 2022 could include some jewelry pieces (for your wife), expensive watches, and perfumes. The regular gifts for friends and relatives could be some electronic gadgets, make-up items, crockery, leather items goods like wallets and purses. You may gift vouchers, gift cards, gadgets, etc.

When unsure about the choice of your friends and relatives or budget constraints you can also buy gift hampers. These could be chocolates, other savories, etc.

Gifting Etiquette

Irrespective of your family traditions, following basic gift-giving etiquette, is important. You must keep gifts equitable. Avoid giving one family member an extravagant gift and another one a modest one. This is especially important for children who will notice the disparity. Secondly, when you receive gifts, always show your appreciation with a verbal “thank you”.

If you’re unsure of what to get someone, avoid items like clothing or jewelry that might be hard to choose based on your recipient’s taste. You may consider gifting tickets to a play or a gift card to a favorite restaurant.

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Giving gifts shows your recipient that you’re thinking of them and that you’ve put time and care into choosing a gift that you hope they love. Our handy guide would help you make the perfect choice for Christmas gifts 2022.

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