Be the Santa to your family and get them the best gift this Christmas

  • Posted by: Sahir
  • 04th November, 2022

‘Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle all the way! Christmas 2022 is here, the time to give and receive gifts! With few days to go for Christmas, shopping is on a full spree everywhere. Malls and markets are thronged by buyers. Are you too in the queue? After a lull of two years posts the Covid-19 pandemic, people are looking forward to the Christmas festivities, fun, laughter, food, celebration, and gifts! Yes! So if you haven’t already thought of buying Christmas gifts for your loved ones, get into Santa’s shoes right away! You’re going to explore some unique ideas for luxury Christmas gifts 2022 for your friends and family.

Everyone likes to receive gifts, children and adults alike. Presenting gifts to someone is a token of love, appreciation, friendship, and gratitude, whichever way you would like to put it. Whether Christmas or otherwise, it is a very thoughtful way to convey to someone how much they mean to you and how much you care for them.

So, gear up to play Santa to your loved ones and explore the top Christmas gifts 2022. Choosing the perfect gift doesn’t come easy though. Here’s a list of trendy gifts 2022 to help you make a choice. Pick as per your budget and liking.

Tips & Ideas for Best Christmas Gifts 2022


Buying gifts for kids is the easiest and quickest. They’re happy with anything or everything irrespective of its price. Depending on their age (toddlers or a bit grown-up), you may gift them toys, board games, a paint kit, and coloring books. Christmas gifts 2022 for slightly older kids could be chosen from popular storybooks or comics. You can get attractive wristwatches for kids with their favorite cartoon characters as the dial. Gifting a piggy bank is a great idea too.

These days you get a variety of DIY kits for children in the market. These could be kits for making greeting cards, jewelry, clay models, etc. Art and craft work is enjoyed by kids of any age.

luxury christmas gifts 2022


While it is easy to pick gifts for kids when it comes to teenagers you are clueless. Clueless because a toy or a paint-box will not work, gifts for teenagers are generally expensive. Their gifts may range from beauty products to sports items, electronic gadgets, items of personal use, etc.

Depending on your budget, Gaming devices are a great option for luxury Christmas gifts in 2022. You may choose to buy a Gaming laptop, Playstation, Xbox, I-pad, etc. They go very well with teenage boys. If your child already has one, you may buy its accessories, for instance, a gaming chair to sit on, speakers, etc.

For the musically inclined, you may get a musical instrument. Another luxury gift for teenagers could be a smartwatch or a smartphone. From Ru 1000 onwards, you may get a smartwatch. An analog watch may also be considered. Phones could depend on your budget and liking.

If your children are into sports, you may buy Waveboards, basketballs, tennis rackets, and so on. For boys, you may buy an expensive Cricket-Kit. Teenage girls will be happy to receive make-up items, some nice stone jewelry, and a sleek sling bag to carry during outings.

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General Gifts

For adults, luxury Christmas gifts 2022 could include some jewelry pieces (for your wife), expensive watches, and perfumes. The regular gifts for friends and relatives could be some electronic gadgets, make-up items, crockery, leather items goods like wallets and purses. You may gift vouchers, gift cards, gadgets, etc.

When unsure about the choice of your friends and relatives or budget constraints you can also buy gift hampers. These could be chocolates, other savories, etc.

Gifting Etiquette

Irrespective of your family traditions, following basic gift-giving etiquette, is important. You must keep gifts equitable. Avoid giving one family member an extravagant gift and another one a modest one. This is especially important for children who will notice the disparity. Secondly, when you receive gifts, always show your appreciation with a verbal “thank you”.

If you’re unsure of what to get someone, avoid items like clothing or jewelry that might be hard to choose based on your recipient’s taste. You may consider gifting tickets to a play or a gift card to a favorite restaurant.

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General Christmas Gifts/Gifts for Adults

You will be spoilt for choice here. Your budget and preference will matter the most when choosing Christmas gifts for the older lot. Slightly cheaper options could be backpacks, headphones, Gym Bags, Lunch Bags, a roller pen, crockery items, etc. Luxury gifts could include some fine jewelry pieces, perfumes, premium wristwatches, the latest smartphones/smart watches, or other electronic items for personal use. For ladies, make-up items, and leather purses work well.

You may buy gift hampers with chocolates and other savories when you are short of time. Gifting tickets for a movie or a play or a gift voucher from a retail showroom can also be thought of.

Whether it’s Christmas or any other time of the year, always follow some basic etiquette while giving or receiving gifts. Remember to express your appreciation when receiving your gift. When unsure what to gift someone, opt for hampers. Also as far as possible, keep the gifts equitable amongst friends/ children/ relatives.

From malls to retail shops, and online shopping apps, there are whopping discounts everywhere. Make the most of this time and use the above handy guide to get the perfect choice for Christmas gifts 2022! Be the perfect Santa for your loved ones this Christmas!