Why Talegaon is Famous Among Youngsters
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  • 08th January, 2019


Why Talegaon is Famous Amongst Youngsters

Youngsters are investing in Talegaon. Initially known as a pensioner’s paradise, Talegaon is no longer just for people looking for a peaceful retirement life. Today, it is quickly becoming popular among youngsters looking to settle.


Talegaon is situated in between the two big cities of Pune and Mumbai. It is just 36 kms from Pune and just a half hour drive from its IT hub, Hinjewadi. Thus, many people prefer buying a house in Talegaon and then commuting daily to work. It is also preferred by people who have saved for a second home. Hence, many youngsters from Mumbai invest in Talegaon for a second or a weekend home since it is affordable and nearby.

Affordable rates

Compared to Pune and Mumbai, the real estate rates of Talegaon are quite reasonable. Thus, it allows people who are just starting out in their careers to buy a house of their own much earlier in their lives. Moreover, since the real estate market is sound in Talegaon. Many youngsters prefer to invest in Talegaon’s real estate since buying a house for investment in either city is highly expensive.


Talegaon’s location has attracted several MNCs to set up their factories and companies here. Talegaon’s industrial sector has thus increased greatly in the past decade. This has given rise to well paid job opportunities in recognised companies. Youngsters have realised the potential of this and are thus flocking to Talegaon to further their careers.

Work Life Balance

Talegaon offers a great work life balance, which is important for youngsters. It is the perfect combination of pleasant climate, natural beauty and a peaceful life. Along with this, it has great development, good infrastructure and all the other perks of city life. Youngsters prefer to live in Talegaon and enjoy the city life as well as the tranquility it offers.

Talegaon has slowly evolved from a small village to a flourishing and thriving town. Youngsters are understanding the advantages of this fast developing town and are thus flocking to talegaon.

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