Why Talegaon has become popular for Second Homes
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  • 18th December, 2018

Second homes

Why Talegaon has become popular for Second Homes

Talegaon is an extremely popular choice for people who are looking to invest in second or weekend homes. This is no surprise since it has several factors working in its favour.


The location of Talegaon is extremely convenient. It is just an hour away from Pune and four hours from Mumbai. Thus, having a second home in Talegaon makes sense since you can visit easily every weekend. It is also easier to keep a check on your property and maintain it well if it is in close proximity. This makes it an excellent choice for second homes.


The climate of Talegaon is famous for being clean, pollution-free and fresh. In fact, it has such pure air that people who suffer from TB and other respiratory disorders are told to move to Talegaon for cure. Talegaon is at the highest altitude between Pune and Mumbai and is thus blessed with a pleasant climate throughout the year. Talegaon’s climate is a big reason why people buy weekend homes and second homes here.


Talegaon is surrounded by tall trees and lush greenery. Having a weekend home in Talegaon is nothing short of having your personal resort amidst natural beauty. This aspect of Talegaon is recognised by people who invest in housing projects here. A weekend home in Talegaon offers them a chance to run away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a peaceful and calm weekend.

Affordable Houses

People who wish to invest in real estate but have a moderate budget prefer to buy homes in Talegaon. The rates here are much lower as compared to Pune or Mumbai. Thus, for someone who has saved just a little bit and is looking to invest in  second homes, Talegaon lets them be a proud owner of a spacious house in a prime location.

If you are looking to invest in second homes, then Talegaon is a very good choice.

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