Why builders are making new homes in Hinjewadi
  • Posted by: Yatri Ajabia
  • 07th December, 2018

new homes in Hinjewadi

Why builders are making new projects in Hinjewadi

Residential projects in Hinjewadi are changing the real estate scene in Pune. Out of all the locations that are good for living, Hinjewadi offers homes that are unparalleled. If you are living in Pune, make sure you check out projects in Hinjewadi as they will instantly win you over. Even the builders are making homes at Hinjewadi. If you want to know why, read on:

The Location

Goes without saying that Hinjewadi is one of the prime locations for living in the city. The location has ample benefits. From schools, colleges, hospitals to offices in the Rajiv Gandhi IT Park, one can find anything and everything here. If you are worried about connectivity, worry not. The area is extremely well connected to all sorts of public transport and is safe for families as well as new couples.

Work-Life Balance

The way in which people buy homes has changed. This is noticed by the thing people look for the most when looking for flats. Now, people want to invest in flats that are close to their workplace. This gives them the opportunity to make sure that they give enough time at home as well as at work. Projects like 32 Pinewood Drive offer homes that allow one to be close to both – work and family. This is why, builders are picking Hinjewadi over other locations.


Residential projects in Hinjewadi are like no other. This can be observed when one visits projects in Hinjewadi like 32 Pinewood Drive where one is able to experience a different lifestyle all together. This means that when you step into luxury, at these projects, you will also get homes that are comfortable, well planned and spacious, taking care of all your needs. Apart from that, there is an endless list of amenities that makes life better and luxurious.

These are some of the things that make residential projects in Hinjewadi worth investing in. In order to invest well, make sure you visit them.

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