Where should you make an investment in Talegaon?
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  • 17th April, 2018
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To make an investment in Talegaon is a safe bet. Find out why-

Pune is bombarded with real estate projects coming in every nook and corner of the city. Soon it will reach its saturation point and people will move out of the city in search of homes and PEACE. If you are one among those early birds to realize that Pune has hit its potential and its time to move away, we suggest you to stay and invest in Talgeaon.

Talgeaon – the satellite city is well structured and navigated in terms of transport. Also, it is one the highest elevated location of Mumbai Pune expressway, making transport easier from both ends. It is home to a large number of industries, factories and horticulture- creating huge employment oppurtunities.

Where to make an investment in Talegaon:

Slim towers: The homes are here built on the principle of ‘A lot more in a lot less!’ Slim Tower is all about prudent design. From ergonomically crafted homes built with the state-of-the-art Aluform technology, to a host of amenities designed to offer a mix of leisure and pleasure, to a location that offers you perfect connectivity and a multitude of transportation avenues, the ‘less is more’ philosophy is amply embodied here. Come experience the difference. Really, a lot more in a lot less!

Slim Tower Housing in budget

Namrata Eco City 2.0: Namrata Eco City 2.0 offers spacious and beams free 1 BHK and 2 BHK homes. The homes are a perfect amalgamation of style and utility and are available in an economic price range making it an ideal property for investment. The township is an ideal place for people looking to invest in Talegaon. It is indeed a perfect location with pleasurable climatic conditions and extended space proving it to be a welcome change from the hustle bustle and polluted state of the city.

Namrata Aikonic : It is perhaps the most iconic project in Talegaon. Located right in the center of the city, this project is the epitome of high living. It invites you to celebrate life while staying away from the chaos of the city. It is an ideal location to look out for property for investment for people in Pune and Mumbai as it is located at a convenient distance from both the cities. The project stands right on the concept of ‘Celebrate Living’ and boasts of 5 star necessities like style, luxury, comfort, design and locality.

EcoShopy: You don’t want to move out of Talegaon even for work? Invest in ecoshopy- the commercial complex of ECoCity2.0 where you can increase your business tenfolds looking at the growth oppurtunity there. Set your business-  a general store, chemist, restaurant, salon or anything and we are sure you will be a hit there. Gather all info here :- http://namratagroup.com/project/commercial-talegaon-pune.   Ecoshopy

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