Trekking points near Pune
  • Posted by: Yatri Ajabia
  • 10th June, 2018

trekking near pune

Staying in a place surrounded by hills comes with innumerable perks. From amazing climate and monsoons to having a new destination to explore every other weekend, everything is possible here in and around Pune. If you are someone who enjoys trekking and hiking, exploring great views on foot, here are a few trekking points near Pune that you need to visit soon: 

Sinhagad Fort Trek  

Located just 35 kms from Pune, Sinhagad is a famous tourist destination, even for people who just want to go there for a picnic. However, those who trek will tell you how amazing the route is, how thrilling the trek is and that if you are enthusiastic about trekking, you should not miss it at all. This trek is easy to finish so even if you are a first timer, you can take it up!

 Fireflies Trek in Rajmachi Village 

Located near Lonavala, Rajmachi village happens to be a site visited by a lot of tourists. Adventurous, full of tiny fireflies and set in the lap of Sahyadris, this trek is a beautiful experience as you can see fireflies light us all around you! Indeed, it is unique and definitely worth giving a shot to!

 Sandhan Valley Trek 

If you like to combine various forms of adventure together, this is the perfect trek for you! Situated in Igatpuri, this trek also gives you the chance to do activities like rappelling along with trekking. This trek is perfect for friends and family as it is not very difficult to accomplish. Make sure you do an overnight stay in these mountains!

 Torna Trek

If you want to explore the highest fort in and around Pune, head over to Torna. It is so massive that it is also known as Prachandgadh. Endless narrow lanes in the midst of wildflowers will take you to the fort that has breathtaking views. The trail to the top is truly rewarding. The trek is moderately difficult and takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete.


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