Top features of residences in talegaon.
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  • 08th January, 2019

features of residences in talegaon.

Top features of residences in talegaon.

Residential projects in Talegaon are winning over a lot of people. The reason why people want to invest in these residential projects in Talegaon are plenty. This area has seen a lot of development over the last few months. There are new projects hyere which will melt your heart. Here are some perks that come with investing in residential projects in Talegaon:


Residential flats in Talegaon have an appeal that no other flats in Pune have – space. Given its location, these flats have a lot of space and are well designed. One will be in awe of these projects as these homes feel like they are constructed just for you. If you are worried about having space for parking or walking or just playing outside, do not worry as all of these facilities are available at Talegaon.

Weekend Getaways

Talegaon is located between the cities of Mumbai and Pune. This location is beneficial as homes here are very close to various weekend getaways. Places like Rajmachi fort, lonavala, Lohgadh Fort, etc are very close to Talegaon. If you invest in homes here, you will have a list of places you can go to with your family and friends.


Apart from various weekend getaways, Talegaon is also located very close to Kamshet and that is where you can tap into your wild side and have some adventure. At Kamshet, one can take up paragliding with the best trained professionals and can enjoy the beautiful western ghats from above. There are various other adventure sports that one can enjoy at Talegaon like rappelling, river rafting, hiking, night treks, etc.


It goes without saying that Talegaon is located in the middle of lush green forests and that residential projects in Talegaon are also located here. These green trees and fresh air are known to cure a lot of diseases as well. Living here will feel like the best place to be at because one is surrounded by nature from all sides! One can even see the mountains from here and it truly does not get better than that!

If you invest in residential projects in Talegaon, these perks are all yours!

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