Toothpaste hacks that will make everyday life easier
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  • 19th January, 2019


Toothpaste hacks that will make everyday life easier

Get Rid of those Stains

If you are at a party and spilled just a bit of cake on your beautiful cream shirt – don’t worry. Just apply toothpaste directly on the stain and let it dry overnight. Wash it the next day and watch the stain disappear!

Clean up You White Shoes

White shoes look great but they get dirty so easily, especially the white edges. Clean them up with an old toothbrush and some toothpaste. Just scrub them become as good as new all over again!

 Prevent Your Goggles from Fog

Do you get tired of constantly wiping off the fog from your goggles when you go swimming? Simply apply a thin layer of toothpaste on them and then gently wipe clean before you enter the pool. This will keep the fog away.

The Answer to Permanent Marker

Toothpaste is very beneficial in removing tough stains as well as stains that claim to permanent! Toothpaste is extremely effective in removing permanent marker stains as well as crayon stains! You just need to scrub a little bit directly on the stain and it will come right off.

Deodorant for Your Hands

Our Indian food is filled with spices, garlic and onions. So whether you are making the food or eating it, you are bound to get tough smells on your hands. These are rigid and refuse to budge even after numerous washes. But no worries! Just scrub your hands with some toothpaste and rinse. Your hands will be clean and will smell great too!

Remove Coffee/Tea Stains

Who doesn’t love a cup of hot tea or coffee in the morning? But the problem is the stains it leaves on your lovely, delicate cups. If your kitchen soap is unable to remove those nasty stains, then give your cups a periodic scrubbing of toothpaste. They will be spotless in no time.

Additional Tip – Applying toothpaste on burns to relieve the pain is NOT A HACK. It actually traps the heat inside. Thus, while it does give relief from the burning sensation, it does more damage to the skin which in turn results in boils and scarring. According to doctors, the best method to treat a burn is putting it under running water or applying medicines that are actually made for treating burns and blisters.

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