This is why a home in Talegaon will be a nature lover’s paradise.
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  • 29th June, 2019

Nature lover's paradise

This is why a home in Talegaon will be a nature lover’s paradise.

If there is any nature lover’s paradise, it is Talegaon. Located at a short distance from Mumbai, Pune and Nasik, Talegaon is an upcoming town that will win you over with its natural beauty. Here, you will experience a bliss that every nature lover is in search for. It is not possible to actually have a home in this nature’s paradise and this means that you can actually experience the beauty of nature from your own home. Here is why having a home in Talegaon will be a nature lover’s paradise:

In The Lap of Nature

Located just a short drive away from Pune, Talgaon is surrounded by lush green forest cover on all sides. Having a home here means having a home full of greenery. Talegaon is located in the western ghats, making it a location where you can indulge in some nature around you and relax. Having a home here at projects like HappyCity, Eco City 2.0, Aikonic, etc will let you enjoy the view of the mountains as you wake up and go to sleep as it is located in the lap of nature. If this doesn’t sound like a nature lover’s paradise, what does?

Tourist Attractions

One of the many perks of living in Talegaon is that you can actually stay close to various tourist attractions. Places like Lohagadh Fort, Rajmachi Fort, Kamshet, etc are located nearby, giving you the opportunity to explore these at will. These tourist attractions are perfect as weekend getaways from homes that can double up as weekend homes in Talegaon. Projects like Bird’s View by Namrata Group offers great weekend homes if you are looking for a place to invest in Talegaon as a nature lover’s paradise.

Health Benefits

Talegaon, because of the presence of a green cover, experiences a cleaner atmosphere when compared to all the mega cities that surround it. Here, you will be able to experience an atmosphere that is well known for curing respiratory diseases. The air in Talegaon has healing properties, according to many surveys. This is one hidden benefit of living in a nature lover’s paradise – Talegaon.

Talegaon offers the best of all worlds when it comes to having a balanced life. Investing in a home or a property in Talegaon will always be a good idea. So, have you inquired yet?



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