Thinking of buying a second house? Invest in Pune.
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  • 09th January, 2019

Buying a Second House

Thinking of buying a second house? Invest in Pune.

Buying a second house? Looking for flats in Talegaon? Investing in Pune is a lucrative decision that many people are favouring.


Pune has developed immensely in the past decade. It is gaining recognition as one of the biggest IT hubs of India. Thus, it is growing quickly and along with it, the real estate market is also booming. This is because, several people are flocking to Pune to take advantage of the abundant job opportunities at well known companies. As more and more people migrate to Pune, the value of real estate will also steadily rise. Hence, buying a 2BHK in Pune now will surely give you great returns in the near future.

Rental Income

Pune has always been an educational hub and sees a lot of students migrating annually. Moreover, it also sees a lot of young people coming in search of opportunities to further their careers in the growing IT industry. This segment of people are always looking for rental homes and the demand for such homes is always rising. Thus, if you have a 2BHK flat in Pune for investment purposes, you can earn extra income by renting it as well.

Affordable Rates

Many people from Mumbai prefer buying a second house in Pune since its real estate cost is much lesser than that of Mumbai. You can easily buy a 2BHK in Pune on a moderate budget in a good location and society.

Good ROI and Growing Outskirts

Pune’s real estate has been quite steadily growing in the past years. It didn’t falter even during demonetization and RERA. Thus, investing in Pune’s real estate is not only lucrative, but also quite risk free and safe. The demand for homes in Pune is rising and the current trend ensures that in the future too the market is going to grow. Moreover, the outskirts of Pune too are developing at a quick pace. Places like Balewadi, Talegaon, Rahatni, Tathawade, etc have evolved from tiny villages to flourishing suburbs. Thus, having a 2BHK flat in Pune now is bound to give you big returns since the city and its outskirts are growing fast.

If you are looking for a sound investment, then buying a second home in Pune is a very good option.

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