These Projects are changing the real estate scenario in Hinjewadi.
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  • 28th October, 2018

real estate scenario in hinjewadi

These Projects are changing the real estate scenario in Hinjewadi.

Projects in Hinjewadi have always had everyone’s attention. It is a recent development as before this, there were not a lot of reasons why people would pick Hinjewadi as their residential location. All of that has changed in the last few years. Hinjewadi has seen a massive development when it comes to real estate. There are thousands of new people coming to Pune everyday and most of them work in IT sectors. This is why Hinjewadi is crucial today to the real estate scenario of Pune. Here are some of the other reasons:

Perks of the Location

The projects in Hinjewadi have the benefit of being located very close to the Rajiv Gandhi IT Park. People who work know that it gets crazy when one tries to get a work-life balance these days. Schedules are hectic and that is why, in order to be present for all the important events in both personal and professional life, one needs to have a home close to their workplace. This is possible at the new projects in Hinjewadi.


Goes without saying that these projects in Hinjewadi have amazing connectivity. In order to have easy access to everything, public transport is always available here. There are also various schools, colleges, hospitals as well as recreational centres, malls and cafes here. This makes it a favorite location for young people when they actually want to let their hair down. Projects in Hinjewadi are indeed very well connected.

32 Pinewood Drive

Located in Hinjewadi Phase 3, this project stands out. 32 Pinewood Drive is built on the concept of taking life slowly. In order to enjoy life and all its important moments, one has to not live in the future or in the past but has to be here, in the present. 32 Pinewood Drive will help you live your life fully by slowing it down. Carefully constructed homes, well-planned and thought out amenities as well as a location to grab, every single thing is available here. This is what makes all other projects in Hinjewadi look a little less shiny. Have you visited it yet?

The next time you visit the projects in Hinjewadi, make sure you visit 32 Pinewood Drive first. It will surely win you over.

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