There are so many Perks in Pune properties!
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  • 21st November, 2018

perks in pune properties

There are so many perks in Pune properties!

There are so many different perks in Pune properties. It is natural to wonder what is the best time to invest in property. If you are someone who is looking at projects in Pune to invest in, now is the time. One of the many reasons for this is the sheer variety that real estate projects in Pune have to offer right now. There are a variety of perks in Pune properties for all age groups. Take a look:

play area

Life 360

Located in Rahatani, this project is perfect for someone who is looking for a complete living. Built on the idea of making sure that people enjoy their life completely, Life 360 is a project that offers amenities that make you want to leave your home and come outside and play. Apart from that, the biggest benefit that this property has is the location. Surrounded by famous and constantly buzzing areas like Pimple Saudagar and Pimpri, this location has everything that one needs. Buying a home here will surely change how you live.

Happynest Varale

Happynest Pune

Located at just a short drive away from Pune, Happynest gives you homes that will bring happiness in your life. Built on the idea of never letting anyone who is buying a house compromise, these flats are the perfect destination for you and your family. Thoughtfully crafted, located centrally and very well ventilated, these flats are such that you won’t have to compromise on anything. Changing the way we see affordable flats, Happynest offers homes that win you over and are in your budget at the same time.

32 Pinewood Drive

32 Pinewood Drive

In the struggled pace of life, one often feels like all the moments that matter are passing away. The thinking behind 32 Pinewood Drive is to take life slow, to enjoy every moment and to basically be present in the moment. This is surely one of the best perks in pune properties. Located in Hinjewadi, this project offers luxury homes with top amenities to enhance the way you live. This project is best in terms of maintaining a work life balance, especially for people who have offices in the IT Parks of Hinjeadi.

Apart from these, projects like Aikonic, Eco City 2.0, 7 Plumeria Drive, etc are also worth visiting and have so much to offer.

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