The reason behind the famous pure climate of Talegaon
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  • 07th January, 2019

Pure climate of Talegaon

The reason behind the famous pure climate of Talegaon

It is a known fact that compared to other areas around Pune, the pure climate of Talegaon is well known. Talegaon is well known for its climate and weather. It is one of the biggest attractions, especially for people looking to buy second or weekend homes.


Talegaon has a very favourable position. It is located in between two big cities of Pune and Mumbai. It is just 36 kms from Pune and 120 kms from Mumbai. Talegaon is located at the highest altitude between two cities. It is situated at 2200 feet above sea level. This is higher than the well known hill station of Lonavala, which is at 2047 feet above sea level. When a place is at such high altitude, the air pressure and air temperature decreases. Temperature increases when air molecules collide. But at higher altitudes, the air is less dense. Thus, the molecules are spread out and there are less chances of collision which in turn decreases the temperature. At 2200 feet, Talegaon is perfectly located. It is pleasant throughout the year without the cold becoming too harsh.

Natural Surroundings

The pure climate of Talegaon is surrounded by several small hills and lush greenery. There are also several lakes in Talegaon. This is how it got its name since Talegaon literally translates to lake town. Trees and plants purify the air. When they absorb the air, they also filter out the pollutants and then release the cleansed air back into the environment. Trees are also responsible for converting the carbon dioxide to oxygen. In Talegaon, the sheer abundance of trees had led to pure and clean air. Infact, the pure climate of of Talegaon is so good, that it is famous for curing TB, asthma and other respiratory disorders.

Talegaon is truly blessed with all factors for a great climate and weather. Hence, if you are looking for a place with fresh air, natural beauty and also fun activities, then head over to the pure climate of Talegaon now!

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