The Developments in Tathawade
  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 07th January, 2019

Developments in Tathawade

The growth and Developments in Tathawade

Tathawade Pune is one of the prime locations of Pune. If you are investing in real estate, this location is one of the best locations to invest in. The reason behind this is that this area has seen immense development over the last few years. The growth of Tathawade Pune is the reason why so many people are investing here. Let us trace it’s growth:


As mentioned above, Tathawade Pune is one of the most developed locations of the city. However, this was not the case a few years ago. From being a less developed neighbourhood of the city to being at par with areas like Pimple Saudagar, Tathawade has seen development in terms of having better access, connectivity as well as having schools, colleges, hospitals and other recreational centres in its proximity. If you are investing in a residential project here, you will not regret it.


The reason why a lot of people are investing in Tathawade Pune is the projects that this area is home to. 7 Plumeria Drive, a project jointly developed by Namrata Group and Bhandari Associates, is also located here. It is the epitome of luxury and class, making it an idea project for people to invest in. These projects come with world class amenities and are perfect as homes for people who invest here. Living in these projects will mean having a different lifestyle which you deserve.


Tathawade Pune has seen a lot of development when it comes to access. The area is very well connected now, as there are various means to reach this place. Apart from that, it is a secured neighbourhood as it is surrounded by places like Wakad, Pimple Saudagar and Rahatani. If you want to invest in a home here, you will find everything you need, without going anywhere else. It is also close to projects like Aikonic, HappyCity and Eco City 2.0, making it a dynamic location to be at.

Make sure you visit all these projects before investing in a home of your dreams!

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